It’s sale time!

Big days around here…the little sweet baby, who took his sweet time meeting this world (let’s gloss over the 23 hours of labour, shall we?!) and made me a mother…is turning 9 on Friday. What what!! Hard to believe!

One of the best things about having a ‘big’ boy is just hanging out with him and learning what makes him tick (donuts and sugar and Legos it seems some days!). I’ve been pretty excited lately because he’s been taking a big interest in my dyeing and even trying out his own colourway. He’s been saving up for a new bike this year (a Huffy in case that means more to you than it does to me!) so he asked if for his birthday he could list some in my store. Ummm. Yes yes YES! How fun to dye wool with my son!

So to celebrate his birthday, he’s listed his new colourway, and I’ve made a sale! Free shipping on orders of $50 or more :).
Come check us out!!


Winter, I got this

Already the 11th of March, this winter has flown by. I bet it’s not often you hear those words strung together! It’s been a great winter for me, I haven’t really noticed the cold (well of course I *have*, in a hibernating, wearing wool head to toe, kind of way) but it hasn’t touched my spirit yet. This time last year I didn’t think I could go on another day. I needed sunshine, I needed warmth, I needed colour!
I’d like to think being surrounded and inspired by my dyes everyday has helped. And the fact my hands are usually a technicolor rainbow is actually kinda cool (although gloves Amanda!)

Now onto the good stuff!

I’ve cast on yet another cowl for my collection. Can we say addicted?!? and that might also be another new mug. I’m shameless.


It’s like a cloud! Which, huh, would make a sweet name! The grey alpaca is from a Manitoba farmer/dyer called ‘storybook art & fiber’. It’s gorgeous. The electric blue is from my LYS and I shamefully lost the tag. I’m making up the pattern as I go, I want to gradually move to an all blue row, then end with a solid blue chunk so the cowl is split half and half. Like snowmelt ing and turning into rain!

True story…I cast on the gray at my in-laws house this past weekend. My MIL came over to check it out, and she hesitantly commented ‘that’s not your…usual….colour choice….?!’ I had a good laugh as I produced the electric blue and she goes ‘yup, that’s about right!’

So now that you know what’s on my needles, check out what’s come out of my dye pots! Obviously my usual colourways (pencils are still nรบmero uno of course) but I also just created this happy guy, which I am going to dye on worsted to make a new hat for my youngest. Because awesomesauce!!


I’ve also accidentally created some wicked art last night, in the form of my paper towel mess catcher. Isn’t she pretty?!


An IG follower suggested using a sock blank next time and hola! Brilliant! This would make some very cool OOAK colourways!

I’ve also been tickled pink by finding customer pictures of their yarn enabler yarn being knit. This bad boy came out last night and I’m in lurve


And of course lolly knitter wrote such an epic post on her blog showing watermelon socks I almost ran out and bought my own watermelon colourway!


I hope you all are surviving winter! Spring is coming!

My collections of knit themed tea cups and cowls are growing!

How’s that for an informative title! And very true, I’ve been on a bit of a binge for my two newest collections! And who can blame me…this winter just won’t quit. Everybody should have a woolie something around their neck and a warm cuppa in their hands!

Now You all saw my rainbow sparkle cowl the other week, remember?


Still loving it!

About two weeks ago I finished another using one of my newest colourways, Hot lips. It was loosely based on a pattern by irish girlie knits, ‘summer winds’



One word for you…cashmere. Oh yes yes yes! Cashmere makes all the fluffy white stuff outside worthwhile! This beauty is extra long to wrap twice around my neck. Love it.

This past weekend I finished yet another cowl. This one out of misti alpaca, my first time using it. Also went with a colourway out of my usual palette. It’s my ‘adult’ cowl, haha!



I ended up doing it as simple seeds stitch. It’s nice and snug, great for wearing under my coat.

In the tea cup department, I’ve decided to replace my old boring matching mugs with mugs with personality! I am not a matching mug kinda woman, I need mugs that are wild, and funny, and reflect my mood. So this is my new mission!
So far I’ve added a non-knitting one from sea and lake company in Toronto that I giggle at every time I use it….


Ha! It’s totally awesomesauce. I loaned it to my hubby for the morning after he broke his arm last week ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next up….who can argue with this one?


This bad boy is extra big and extra cool!

And of course, I needed this one…


So that’s what I’ve been doing….knitting cowls and drinking tea from cool new mugs to stay warm! Hope you all are staying warm too!

A whole bunch of dyeing, a whole bunch of not-knitting!

It feels like I’ve traded in my knitting needles for my dye pots this winter! I’m not churning out much of anything knit wise, but boy am I turning out lots of wool! I’m thinking this is the same conundrum for those of you who spin, right? You spent time spinning beautiful wool, but it takes up your knitting time! If you’ve figured out a balance, please share it with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ inquiring minds need to learn!

I did manage to finish my sparkle rainbow cowl using yarn ink’so beautiful chocolate rainbow wool.


I’ve been wearing it so much I haven’t even blocked it yet! It’s just perfect for wearing indoors to keep the back of my neck warm and my chest covered. And in this cold weather, sparkle rainbows? yes please!

…I mean, it’s no nipple cozy…


(Hehe) but I think I’ll survive with just my cowl ;).

Oh! And just out of the studio….



How did that happen? I still vividly remember trying not to mess up writing 1990 instead of 1989! And now it’s 25 years later, which is definitely impossible because I’m only 25 ๐Ÿ˜‰ work with me here

I’ve been crazy busy over the holiday, and the concept of a new year is playing heavy on my mind. I’m working on planning the direction I want my little store to take, coming up with new colourways and of course experimenting and learning new techniques. I’ve kind of fallen in love with self-stripping wool, which is a double edge sword. On one hand, it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, but on the other it’s darn labour intensive. It’s a lot of winding, and tyeing and omg do NOT bleed into the other colours praying and omg do NOT tangle untangling and then unwinding and reskeining. But it’s amazeballs and totally worth it!

My favourite thing though, is colours. I loooove trying to mix a colour I have stuck in my head. Or that someone has shown me. Like the cozy knitter made these gorgeous star stitch markers, and I wanted to match the colours exactly. It was a bit of experimentation. I am totally going back to my high school and telling my chemistry teacher that I can totally do it :p
Check it out…


Pretty awesome, right!

And then I’ve been knitting a bit too, I’m working on a rainbow cowl using yarn ink sparkle fingering wool. It’s glorious stuff


I took a few tries to get the right pattern and stitch number though. Good thing I had wine to go with my frogging!

I’m also re-reading the game of thrones, so I’m not sleeping so great at night, lol!

Hope you all are doing great!

Week before Christmas…

And this knitter has nada done. Absolutely nothing. I had planned to dye and knit my little family of six new stoฤ‡kings this year…and I’ve done nothing. I was planning on knitting my oldest a sweater..but the wool is just sitting there. Socks, hats, cowls, cup sleeves….big plans, no follow through. I can’t decide what to do first, so I’ve done nothing. Hardly logical at all! Lol! The only bit of knitting I’ve done in the last week is a bit of a vanilla garter shawl in worsted…


But I’m going to frog it. I think I’d rather a cowl. I’m thinking maybe a seed stitch or honeycomb…not sure yet.

I’ve knit a few taster swatches for my stripping sock wool, does that count?


And I’ve been dyeing…dyeing….dyeing ๐Ÿ™‚


I need a plan. I need to focus. So here’s my plan…
Two baby hats (6 mths and 2 mths)
Two preschooler hats (2 & 3 yr olds)
2 sweaters (3 and 9 yr olds)
Worsted socks
…and 8 days. Totally doable, right? I’ll do what the yarn harlot does and cast them all for surely they’ll knit themselves once I get them all ready?! Right?

WIP Wednesday…

In all my new dye ventures, one of my favourite things is still to make things for my munchkins. The fact they love their woolies makes me so happy! For the most part they even take better care of their knit clothes better than the store bought equivalent, and in kid world that’s huge!

My wee lady seems to get an unequally larger percentage of my knit output for some odd reason. Maybe I just have a soft spot for pink, or maybe she’s just better at weasel ing requests out of me, but she’s done it again!

This past week I was experimenting on dyeing on knit blanks. Knit blanks are basically machine knit stockinette tubes or sheets that you can then use to dye gradients or rough stripes. They offer a different result that warping stripes and I was eager to try. Somehow my girl got me to dye her a pair of socks in her school colours, gold and purple.


My girl has such tiny feet that socks just fly off the needles! These are my purse socks, so only get knit on outside the house, and I’ve already turned the heel on one. What what!

See how the stripes has this unique fade to the stripes? That’s from dyeing on the knit blanks. Also….kinky wool. Ugh.


To avoid kinky wool you can soak the wool again in skein form…but I was too anxious to get these bad boys on my needles. Makes my sock stitches look messy now, but they’ll even out once I block the finished socks


Knitpicks sale. one word: cashmere. That’s a big box


Oh, and hello gorgeous!

(My mistletoes colourway at

See you next week peeps! I’ve got to go play with some wool ๐Ÿ˜€ <—- best job ever!


It just keeps getting better and better

I won’t lie…being a wool dyer has a bunch of perks for a knittaholic like me. Play with wool all day? Yes please! Buy hundreds of dollars of wool guilt-free? Sign me up! Have to test knit my new colourways? Twist my arm! Having all of this…this….potential awesomeness at my fingertips makes me so giddy! Which is why I had to take some deep breaths when I saw the first stitches emerge on my new colourway, ‘Icicles built for two’


I’m in lurve!! I am totally a blue girl, these thick stripes make me so ridiculous happy! I really hope to knit the second sock, haha!! And check out the new sock blockers, I feel like a real sock knitter now! So much easier than hanging upside down trying to get pics of my own feet, lol!

Of course, like any good obsessive creative person, once I figured out the way to do stripes without it ending up as a ball of knots, I went a bit crazy….

But…my craziness was rewarded with a new partnership, when my bestie christina – the cozy knitter created the most amazing stitch markers! It’s only natural we team up, and now we have some super duper amazing things in our etsy store!

Check this out….


Cupcakes!! The wool has a brown stripe, then 4 ombre stripes of pink. My little girl practically had a coronary she had the wants so bad!

We didn’t stop there though. Listening to some bing crosby put us in the mood for


If I don’t knit myself a pair of these then I’ll never forgive myself! Ivory stripe followed by three green ombre stripes with a red chaser stripe. *i dies*

Oh oh! That’s not all! Look what else Christina came up with to go with my pencils!


I’m totally sock obsessed!

You can find a limited amount of these bad boys at my store and christina’s store

Halloween adventures…a little late!

It wil come as no surprise to those of you when know me well that I’m a wee bit of a procrastinator.
…And by wee I mean huge.
I live for the adrenaline rush only an almost-missed deadline gives me!
…and by live for I mean I stress over, moan about and avoid at all costs.

…so yes, I’m a procrastinator.
Which is why nobody, myself included, thought it out if the ordinary I was madly dashing to finish (*ahem* start) my kids halloween costumes on October 30. This wouldn’t be a problem if I could just nip into a store and grab a pre-fab costume. Nothing wrong with that, I know there will come a day my kids will want that….most desperately. But I can’t. I looooove creating their costumes from scratch. Using things around the house, or busting out the sewing machine and knitting needles to make my kids whatever their wild imaginations come up with. Thankfully nothing too crazy yet!

In the past I’ve made trains, and fire trucks. Designed astronaut packs and crocheted pink wool wigs. I’ve sewn princess dresses and scoured Home Depot for parts.
This year was no exception. My oldest wanted to be a police office, my girl wanted to be an owl (!) and my youngest wanted candy. He’s easy to please ;).


Police was easy. Navy cargo pants, blue dress shirt, black belt with nightsticks, flashlight and handcuffs. I dug out one of his old fall vests and wrote ‘police’ on with hockey tape. Perfection!

My youngest ended up as Mickey Mouse. Talk about easy and cute! He wore yellow fuzzy socks from the dollar store over his boots, black snow pants with red cut off pants over, and a black hoodie. La piece de resistance for him was his new hat…


He’s still sleeping in it. I’ve done gone

And of course my baby girl got the full out royal owl treatement. Including a new winter hat made with malabrigo. Yum.


And for the body, my sewing machine, scissors and a whole buncha felt got friendly. Real friendly.



Tada! My Halloween creations revealed ๐Ÿ™‚

Reveal Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!! I have been crazy busy dyeing wool and writing the pattern for my No. 2 Pencil socks . They have been overwhelmingly well-received and I’m afraid my friends are quite done hearing ‘omg its on the ‘hot right now list on ravelry!’ And the many…many…. *ahem* many screen captures I took. (thank you thank you, a million times thank you!)

So now I’m happy to shift gears a bit and show you something new I’ve been working on, inspired by both my oldest boy and my husband…both crazy superhero fans. And no superhero fan worth his salt doesn’t love….superman!

I’m thrilled to show you all my newest line of socks, Super Socks


I started with superman, and no superman inspired *anything* can go without a cape!


My oldest was so excited he insisted on putting this bad boy on right away!


The skein comes dyed for toe up socks, with a mini-skein of red for the cape. But…if you are a cuff down its no problem to dye the wool cuff down, starting with the red cape!


And don’t you worry superhero fans, I’ve got more colourways coming your way, including wonder woman, batman, ironman and the hulk! I gots to say, I cannot wait to knit my daughter her wonder woman socks! The Toddler is, of course getting hulk socks. Because…yeah.