WIP Wednesday: I’m in a hat mood

My love affair with socks has wained a bit…it was fast and furious and I’m just now coming up for air. Who could have known socks could be so…so…all consuming?! You sock knitters are a special breed, let me tell you!

Don’t get me wrong, sock knitting is still a great interest, but I’ve managed to break away long enough to realized I’ve been neglecting my first true love.


And…winter is coming. Yes it may be +30* Celsius most days! but every good Canadian knows that won’t last much longer. And being a camper, let me just tell you there are many a night I’ve donned a hat around the campfire.

With this in mind (winter is coming! I’d make a good Stark ;)) I decided to cast on a beautiful DK fall hat.

Loch, by tin can knits is a perfect fall hat. A bit lacy, it’s fun to knit as the pattern is just enough to be interesting. I managed to get my mitts on a skein of amber label DK TFA wool, so the cashmere and silk are pure decadence! Nothing says summer like silk, lol 😉

The only problem with silken wool is it’s nearly impossible to photograph because it’s too damn silky!
I tried my go to place, my front porch, but it was just too bright and washed out the colours….


So then I got a bit creative and turned my knitting chair into my photo prop and got a bit better results



Aren’t the colours just spectacular!! I can’t wait to wear it!

WIP Wednesday – it’s the yarn that goes on and on my friend…

More of the never ending story round these parts I’m afraid! Working two fingering weight yarn projects is not exactly prime for progress shots, ha!
The good news is I’m on the home stretch for both my spring socks and the custom stripes. Now if I could only buckle down and be monogamous to one of these projects, id be golden! How to choose…how to choose

My spring socks are still making me smile, and are the ideal ‘sitting outside supervising three kids and trying to avoid a sunburn’ project.


I’ve done the second heel and gone a few inches down the foot since my last spring sock update.


As much as I love TAAT socks, I do miss how much more quickly you see progress on only one!


I was going gang busters on stripes this weekend. I blasted through right up to the keyhole row


…Where I got to the part about a double YO which you knit into once while dropping the second yo to create the keyhole to thread the tail into. It just…doesn’t seem big enough to me. I’m worried there will be too much pressure and the yarn will snap. I hate when I doubt the pattern!


I’ve been tossing around different ideas on how to make a larger keyhole. Help?

Aldo distracting me this week? Netflix. it has fresh prince of bel-air. I can’t be held responsible for the pile O’ dishes and laundry when I need to revisit my youth! That’s in humane!

…Someone feed the kids, k?

Silver lining in every cloud

I’m in the midst of one of those knits that you want to throw in a mud puddle curse loudly and creatively at shove in the bottom of my WIPs box. But I can’t because it’s a custom order and dammit I can do this! The most disheartening thing is that it’s not fancy lace, or even complicated cables. It’s simple garter stitch and I.am.going.bananas.

First shot, I slipped the last stitch for a clean edge, but that messed up my stripes.


Second shot I cleaned up my colour changes, keep the slipped stitch edge but…misread the pattern and was increasing every other row instead of every fourth row.


So now, I am determined to get this right, because dammit it’s a simple garter stitch triangle! I can do this!

As my friend pointed out, there is a silver lining. The wool? The fabulous resistant, doesn’t mind being frogged twice…

Is cashmere and silk. yum


And coupled with that aqua colour…beauty


I tried to convince myself I didn’t need to frog the second attempt. I’d knit to row 180. It was a lot of garter knitting. But I did pull it back and seeing the proper elongated triangle, I am happy but it really is a better look.

…old and busted


…new hotness.


It’s a different stripe for different types scarf, knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Red label, which is a wool/cashmere/silk fingering weight. (Like a cloud). 4 mm needles.


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of garter to do!

WIP Wednesday- grass toes

I hope you are all dry and warm right now. ‘Sprinter’/second winter has hit with a vengeance and we are getting slammed with wind and rain going sideways. Fun times waiting at the bus stop, let me tell you! In the midst of this, I’ve been plugging away at my socks. My anti-knitting block project 🙂


There were not many projects on ravelry using this colour way, so I wasn’t sure how it would knit up. I bought this skein in the fall at the KW knitters fair. Just fell head over heels in love with the colours and couldn’t walk away. Just looking at it all caked up makes me smile. I’m glad I finally cast on because the colours are still making me all warm and tingly inside. I chose a simple pattern so I could bring these everywhere. Tin can knits Rye sock pattern has been on my radar since it was released. It’s the perfect traveling sock pattern! Once I started knitting it up, the name came to me. …

It looks just like grass!


I did the legs two-at-a-time, then separated for the heels. I did a fish lips kiss heel which I really love. Gives a great fit and doing the twin stitch short rows leaves zero gaps. I’ve never had much luck with wrap/turn short rows so this pleases me to no end!



I’m tempted to just power through the foot on this one sock just to get it on my tootsies before second spring arrives!


WIP Wednesday- Gingko Crescent Shawl

Allo! We’re in the midst of second winter round these parts, and I’m pleased to report spring didn’t fool me this year…I left enough woolies out to keep us warm until spring comes back! I’m just that good, lol! The kids were not pleased to put their snow pants back on, but alas, that’s sprinter for you.

Right now I’m working on my oldest son’s teacher end-of-year present. She’s a wonderful teacher and we’ve really enjoyed having her this year. Unfortunately for us, she’s having a baby and leaving mid-May. My poor uterus is very jealous of her soon snuggling a newborn. *sigh* I ❤ babies.
I thought at first to knit her a little layette, but then I remembered how much as a new mom I appreciate a few thoughtful things just for me. After diving into my pattern stash, I came up with Gingko crescent shawl and just fell in love with it! It looks like a great knit.

I cast on yesterday, and am making good progress on the stockinette body


I’m at 131 stitches out of 171.

I started out using my knitters pride birch interchangeable in 4mm, but it just didn’t work for this wool. It’s Diamond luxury collection foot loose, 90%superwash merino, 10% nylon. It was just…squeaky (?) On the wood. And sticky. And just not nice. So I switched over to my 4mm metal knitters prides and it’s made a big difference.


Since I’m not in the lace section yet, my favourite part is the yo increases, it looks pretty nice! I decided to slip the last stitch so make a neater edge, I couldn’t help myself.


Hope everyone is having a good day!
I’ll leave you with a bit of FO eye candy….I’m enjoying wearing my spring hat, sea beanie, I made last year. Just the right amount of wool for this weather!


WIP no longer Wednesday- Lush, she is done!

I am in my happy place, let me tell you ladies. This beautiful sweater, which has already had two blog post (here and here), more than deserves this third post, where I can rave about her gorgeousness and show off her beautiful stitches. Cause damn there were a lot, a lot, of stitches. DK weight wool is no easy mistress in my size, let me tell you! A dozen meters shy of five freaking full skeins of malabrigo. Uh-huh.

Drumroll please….


TADA!!! Check out that beautiful lace panel. The drape of that fine fabric


The barely noticeable colour variations in the random skeins I managed to hunt down!


Just beautiful!

To think the random decision to turn one lonely skein of mistake wool (I bought sock yarn, got send the arroyo by mistake but decided to keep it)
From this…


To this (where, ok, I admit, it did sit for months, and months and…ok…months)


To the beautiful finished sweater is a labour of love.


So. I know what you knitters want…the dirty details!
Wool: malabrigo arroyo in the azules colour way
Needles: 4mm for everything but the button bands, which were 3.25mm
I alternated between two skeins for the stockinette body (armpits down) but did not for the sleeves.

Mods: arms are an inch shorter. Body is an inch longer, and there are 10 extra stitches in both armpits/arms. No buttons on button band. I don’t close my sweaters.

If there was one thing I could change (because let’s face it, nothing is perfect even with hundreds of hours of time put it…or maybe because of them) I would make the neck yoke smaller by doing more decrease rows before the ribbing. It’s too wide and loose for my liking. That’s it!

The design is flawless, pattern was wonderful and the construction was fabulous!

Now don’t mind me if I sleep in it for the next year, lol!

I’m linking up with some fab link parties this week! Check out all the great links posted over at yarn along, wow me Wednesday , someday crafts, and last but not least, made by me , Tami!

WIP Wednesday- lush update

I’ve been working surprisingly faithfully on three big WIPs this past week. Surprisingly for me anyways, as there is nothing more alluring to me than a great hat pattern. Oh-la-la I get weak in the knees. Nothing like a good hat to cure what ails you! But I have resisted, I have persevered, and I have some nice results for my efforts!

Beauty #1… The ever gorgeous Lush cardigan. She’s been on my needles since May of last year, and I have finally buckled down and put some mileage on her!
After months of black hole body stockinette…the bottom is bound off!


And hark! It’s one completed arm!


There is nothing I love more than a malabrigo rib. It’s simply glorious, yes?


I’ve got the second arm underway, and all day long to knit (other than feeding and entertaining children. But I’m damn good at playing babies and crash derby with my feet! Although my Barbie is a bit necroleptic).
Tonight is knit night, which is perfect timing since I need to treat myself to a 3.25mm needle long enough for the button bands!

Not to be outshine, My travel knit is growing at an astounding rate. Remember little revamped spruce?
well it’s come with me to hockey and ballet and on a rather long road trip this past weekend, and he’s now grown to 32″ unstretched. A whole skein! This is going to be an epic infinity cowl!


Heading over to yarn along!>

WIP Wednesday- when good gauge goes bad

Aka: spruce cowl, take two.

You guys remember my pretty spruce cowl , right?

Well. I finished the first skein! And Russian joined the second skein!
…then I went to knit night and re-saw my inspiration spruce cowl knit by a friend.
And it was squishy
…like a marshmallow.

My spruce? This full skein and a bit of rather gorgeous berroco vintage knit and knit (and knit) during some intense hockey games? And ringette games? And ballet classes? And swimming lessons? (Which, actually, all happened in one week, I might be being a wee bit overly dramatic)

Ya, that’s the one. It was neither squishy, not marshmellowy. Where did I go wrong?

Well my dears, I did a simple thing wrong. I knit my vintage to the gauge on the tag. Not the gauge of the patterns. Ugh, rookie mistake!
I couldn’t bear to frog all that work right away, soI thought an experiment was in order. I frogged just the second skein, and then CO using much bigger needles. 6.5 mm vs 4.0 mm.


And it was glorious. Squishy. Like a marshmellow. Left, old and stiff. Right, new squishy goodness.


Oh my poor Knitters heart. A whole skein of perfection (if it was a sweater!) to rip back.

I figured what better time to rip back then when I could at least share the experience with people who would understand my grief frustration.

Put the tail in the winder…


Try not to cry…


…cry a bit


But, realize it is for the best. If that’s one thing knitting has taught me, is that you can fix your mistakes. Sure it can take a while, and be hard work and hurt…but you can fix ‘me if you really want to.


Plus, I had made a single mistake way back that I won’t have to reweave now, so yay! Hehe. Silver lining baby. Not to mention, I won’t have to buy a third skein to make it the length I had hoped it would be!

Of course, I’m also still working on my Lush, one more inch and I’m on the bottom ribbing! Hip hip hooray!!

Off to yarn along!

WIP Wednesday – the Elton hat

A few weeks ago I received a text late at night from a neighbour down the street. I’m very lucky to have a great street of people that get along decently well…we Facebook and text and have lots of options for milk, and eggs and sugar and coffee, and…why the heck do I even go to the grocery store!! Well on this night, I replied because of course I was still up, sleep is for the weak (and less caffeinated as it turns out!) and I got an invitation to the Elton John concert the next day! Turns out her boyfriend was down with a bad stomache bug and couldn’t go with her. And really. I’m super fun 😉

So off we went!


She had ah-mazing seats


And we had an ah-mazing time


Being a knitter, it’s always my go to way to say thank you. That…and jam. I make a wicked strawberry jam with my mother-in-law that would get you out of jail. It’s that good.

But I digress….


I call it the Elton hat, for obvious reasons!


And because I’m a bit addicted to knitting, this isn’t really a WIP…I finished and blocked it the second night!


It’s a modified creek side cables by Felicia lo in my go to Queensland rustic DK. I just love the slight tonal qualities of this wool


Of course I’m linking up with tami’s amis!

WIP Wednesday- thrummed goodness

Another polar vortex is upon us. I’m not quite sure what makes it a polar vortex, but my weather app assured me it’s stupid cold out, so I’ll drink the kool-aid and be all affronted that it’s so cold 😉

I’ve been limping my way through this winter wearing a cheap pair of fleece mitts. Considering I have to be out at least twice a day in the howling winds of these numerous polar vortexes doing my mothering bus meeting duty, It baffles me why I didn’t fix this situation earlier. Not to mention the hours upon hours I’ve spent in hockey arenas this winter! My poor cold fingers.

I decided last night watching the weather forecast on the news that it was time to get going on my thrummed mitts. I’ve been sitting on the wool all winter, and since my long cord is now free (cancan! She is done! I can’t wait to show her off on Friday!) , I had no more reasons to wait.



Isn’t that purple magical? I feel like I should embroider some unicorns on these puppies, haha!

I’m following Tanis’ thrummed mitts pattern, a free pattern off ravelry. It’s the same pattern I used for the husband’s Christmas mitts. I’m using TFA green label Aran wool, in a OOAK colour at I scored on an etsy update in the fall. I thought the darker colours would be perfect for mitts, hide the dirt and all ;). The thrumming is from divinity fibers on etsy, a great artist out of Montreal. It’s some gorgeous merino!
I’m making these as stuffed as possible. I bought a whole bunch of thrumming so these mitts are going to resemble sausages when I’m done! I can’t wait 🙂

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