WIP Wednesday – it’s the yarn that goes on and on my friend…

More of the never ending story round these parts I’m afraid! Working two fingering weight yarn projects is not exactly prime for progress shots, ha!
The good news is I’m on the home stretch for both my spring socks and the custom stripes. Now if I could only buckle down and be monogamous to one of these projects, id be golden! How to choose…how to choose

My spring socks are still making me smile, and are the ideal ‘sitting outside supervising three kids and trying to avoid a sunburn’ project.


I’ve done the second heel and gone a few inches down the foot since my last spring sock update.


As much as I love TAAT socks, I do miss how much more quickly you see progress on only one!


I was going gang busters on stripes this weekend. I blasted through right up to the keyhole row


…Where I got to the part about a double YO which you knit into once while dropping the second yo to create the keyhole to thread the tail into. It just…doesn’t seem big enough to me. I’m worried there will be too much pressure and the yarn will snap. I hate when I doubt the pattern!


I’ve been tossing around different ideas on how to make a larger keyhole. Help?

Aldo distracting me this week? Netflix. it has fresh prince of bel-air. I can’t be held responsible for the pile O’ dishes and laundry when I need to revisit my youth! That’s in humane!

…Someone feed the kids, k?

Gingko crescent all done!

I am that parent. No gift card for end of year present, I’m so sorry Mme. S! I just can’t when presents give me a chance to buy wool! And knit a new pattern!! And take pictures!! And did I mention more wool? And a new pattern?! Woooo! …and breath

Haha! ok, seriously though, I am happy to be done before the deadline. See, Mme. S is due at the end of May with bebe deux, so I was racing a wee newborn towards the light. I’m pretty sure I won, but shhhh, don’t say anything until tomorrow when she will receive it. Those babies like to keep us guessing!

The dirty details…
Gingko crescent was a quick knit for a lace edge shawl, and took way less mileage that I had prepared for my wool.

Look-y look-y, isn’t she pretty?!


I’m really happy with the lace edge, it’s just simple enough to do quickly but eye catching enough not to be boring


It’s not quite as long as I’d like, I could have easily thrown another lace repeat in. I like to tuck the ends in when I wear it like a scarf and this just isn’t quite long enough

(Is it weird I modeled a gift?! I’m a little shutter happy)

It was also my first time using this wool, diamond luxury foot, which was totally Affordable, and more importantly, washable (a must for gift giving!), but it’s not as soft as you’d expect 90% merino to be. Plus it has a very distinct twist (spinners help me out here) that I’m not sure how I feel about. I might buy it again for socks, but I’m not sold on it for shawls.

Still, pretty purple!


I hope my big boy’s teacher enjoys it :). I whipped up a pair of booties for her new wee one too. Cause…omg BABY BOOTIES!!!! (Sorry, had to get that out!)


Doing my traditional linking up with yarn along!