Inspiration Monday- Monday is out to get me.

It’s been one of those mornings when…
I put my underwear on backwards,
the cereal box got put away in the fridge and the milk in the pantry,
I can’t find my keys to lock the front door
…and I just messed up 4 rows of lace.
I think I need to put down the needles and back away slowly!

As much as I’d love to curl back up in bed to avoid any further Monday morning bloopers, instead I’m going to power through and come up with an exceptional inspirational Monday post! Are you ready to be inspired?!?

Let’s DO THIS!

I have found some of the most exceptionally creative and whimsical knits I could find.
Starting with this glorious shawl, dream bird.

It’s just fabulous!

happypotamus is just the thing to make even the grumpiest gus smile. The colours used are glorious and hello, hippos rock! …well, I wouldn’t want to meet one face to face cause ‘yo. They are scary dudes. But cute in their plush forms, amiright?!


No self-respecting outrageous list is complete without at least one Stephen west knit. color craving stands out in my mind as something fun and fabulous. The shape and colours…just Wowsa!


vortex should be a Dr. Seuss hat it’s just so fantastical! The colour change on this example does it for me. Plus orange glasses are da bomb


On that note, i just realized my contacts are in the wrong eyes, so I better go and switch things up. Oh Monday, why do you hate me so?

Inspiration Monday – have you tested a pattern lately?

I’ve been lucky to snag some really great chances to test new patterns. I love test knitting, it’s such a great way to help out designers while scoring a free pattern! Remember over Christmas I test knit my Cascade Falls cardigan? Gorgeous cardi, free pattern, a bit of say in design…what’s not to love? I’ve test knit a few hats, bunny slippers, a scarf and now my newest test knit I’m casting on is abstract butterfly lace shawl


Isn’t it pretty? I’m using an emerald green malabrigo sock yarn. I think. Decisions decisions!

If I’m ever feeling in a knit slump I like to peruse the test knit forums on ravelry and see if any tickle my fancy. I visited this morning and found all these great patterns available to test!

new growth shawl

Such a great spine!

lagertha socks

Based on Lagertha’s braids on ‘Vikings’. Love the show, love the character’s braids, love these socks!

phryne pullover


Love how the lace panel forms the decreases in this raglan sweater. Inspired!

sumu shawl. I mean, hello, Fibonacci sequence?! Is this not perfect for a math lover? Or for your favourite angels & demons fan? Christmas gift?! DONE!


So many cool new pattern to test, and all for free! It’s a win-win situation!

Inspiration Monday – let’s talk socks

This time of year my brain starts trying to make hot weather into knitting weather. I couldn’t condone not knitting at all, but there is something inherently wrong with getting a sunburn while knitting a sweater. Or a tuque. Yes, even my beloved hats don’t do it for me during the summer (but I’m a Gemini, so of course I’ve knit a hat…during a heat wave. Rules are made to be broken!). So. Socks it is. I love having a pair tucked in my bag for knitting on the go. I just had to share the socks that are making me moan this spring

watermelon self-stripping socks?! Yes please!


If this isnt perfection…


These ones just blow my mind. opposites attract , they take one skein, and split it in half. Then they use one of the secondary colours from the first skein and make that the main colour in the second sock skein. Isn’t that brilliant?! So your two socks are complimentary, but not the same. Just…wow. My favourite colour scheme is arthur&guinevere. (Don’t even get me started on the pure awesomeness of their names!)


All knit up by needles and knits on ravelry


Now I saved this pattern quite a while ago, and just now found the absolute perfect wool at the frolic a few weeks ago. I’m making my little girl and I matching socks out of this. Just wait till I show you!
piece of my heart socks, which if you can believe it is a free pattern!


I’m going to knit ours in the sparkly hot pink turtle purl moonbeam yarn which is sparkly and omg cute. Pic to come.

Inspiration Monday : when you find your tribe

There is nothing more inspirational then being around people that inspire you, encourage you and just plain ‘get’ you. This past weekend I got lucky and got a whole bunch of all of it!
This weekend was the knitters frolic and my bestie Christina over at A babys smile knits and I road tripped to the frolic.
We were more this a bit excited!


The delights were endless. I could have fallen down and sniffed the Soak wool wash forever! And I might have plunged both hands wrist deep into some of the softest quivuit/cashmere fleece known to knitter kind. And I may…may have skipped through the halls giggling hysterically while fondling my purchases. But can you blame me when TFA, sweet Georgia and turtle purl wools fell in love with me and demanded I bring them home?!?


I think though, that the best part was the sense of community. I came away with many new ravelry friends and great conversations with my local girls


Of course the adventures didn’t end with our romp through the frolic…oh no it didn’t. Turns out, plug in coolers will drain a car battery in no time! Haha, yay for CAA!


You might be wondering why we had a plug in cooler in the car…well, Christina and I had booked ourselves a sweet weekend away at a resort up north!
How can you help but be relaxed when this is the view?


We even had to set up an impromptu winding station so we could dive right into our goods


And we might have spent all day in bed…knitting and eating. How’s that for delightfully wicked! Of course, we did leave bed for food. And ice cream. Mmmm kawartha ice cream!


Monday it’s back to reality…school lunches, and laundry and dirty dishes. and toddler snuggles, little girls in pink tutus and big boys who still try to climb on your lap. Not too shabby πŸ˜‰

Inspiration Monday: knitting outside the box

Now that spring has sprung, and it has, because Even though it’s going to snow tomorrow, and there are still nary a flower bud in my garden, to save all of our sanitizes, it’s spring. Has to be.
So. Now that it’s spring (ha!) and we can pack away our warmest woolies (ha! Ha!) it’s time to bust out those projects that has been waiting for this lull. No pressure to get that hat done, or those mitts…you’re free. Free to knit…outside the box.
What the hay am I talking about!? Well, all those fun, sassy, quirky and interesting non-warm projects.

On my list?

Lolita legs. Because I’ve been married for 11 years and dammit these are awesome!


A fake boob or two..or maybe even three! You can never have too many knit boobs, lol! I have a doula friend who thinks this is just the ticket for breast feeding demonstrations


Or perhaps a shark beer cozie, because that’s just hilarious!


Or what about my poor phone… it doesn’t have a hoodie yet!


Or even, and I do really love these, Celtic heart necklaces


This time of year is just perfect to bust out of your typical knit box and have some fun with your needles πŸ™‚

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Inspirational Monday – yarn storage!

Alright ladies, let’s be frank. Most of us probably have a rather well developed yarn stash. It’s ok, I understand. You’re amongst friends here, no judgement. I might have just found a skein tucked up in an old flower vase above the fridge. It happens to the best of us. There might be a ball of wool in my pillowcase my bra drawer my scrapbooking bag a brown paper bag on my couch since I went to the yarn store today. Oupsies! Lol…see? It’s ok, I understand.

So let’s have a wee look at how some others have organized their stashes. At least parts if them, I can’t believe people can fit their whole stash in one picture!

It’s that cute? easy makes me happy has got a little selection of her stash displayed!

Of course, repurposing a wine cabinet is an option…

*sigh* I remember when my stash would have fit in there. Good times, good times.

This is interesting, using an over-the-door shoe caddy!

…I’m sure if they used NASA plastics and I didn’t have hollow cardboard doors that would fold like origami under the weight this might work!

These sweater caddies are actually kinda cool

…I wonder if my kids really need their closets? It’s not like their clothes aren’t just shed onto the floor where they stay until my right eye starts twitching and I make dire threats of them going to school naked unless they get picked up and put in the dirty laundry hampers and…what was I talking about again?

These ikea hanging bins are great looking


…As long as the balls don’t decide to start mating inside those sections and create little minions of ball knots. Cause that happens.

So where’s your stash?

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Inspiration Monday – yarn for the greater good

We’ve had a bit of a week round these parts. My oldest turned 8 (woot!) in the middle of March break last week and so the whole family took off for a fun filled day in Toronto. Train ride, eating out, hockey hall of fame…we packed it in. Meanwhile, earlier in the week he had stepped on a needle, and unbeknownst to us, poor kid had a chunk about an inch long stuck in his foot. An ER trip finished off his birthday. He’s since been limping around while we fight the infection. Did I mention he has an extreme needle and blood phobia? Oh yes. Fun times indeed.

In the midst of this chaos, I got wind of the fundraiser Three Irish girls wool was having, and was tossing around the idea of buying a skein of the ‘you are my sunshine’ sock yarn. Not only did I need the retail therapy, but the song ‘you are my sunshine’ is my daughter’s song and super special. Having blown a wad on my son’s birthday, I did the sucky, boring mature, responsible thing and did not purchase the luscious skein so conveniently placed in my cart.

But then…

An amazing thing happened.

I was visited by a wool faerie


What a lovely surprise after a stressful week :). My wool faerie knew just what I needed to put a big smile on my face and keep me going a few more days. It also gave me something to do while sitting in the ER, browsing through ravelry is so fun especially when you have new wool.

Nutkin socks?
Business Casual socks?
Or…what’s your favourite sock pattern?

Thank you wool faerie πŸ™‚ I know you’re reading this!

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Inspiration Monday – laughter is the best medicine

In this winter – which is lasting longer than anybody in their right mind can enjoy- I’ve always found the best way to stay sane was to wrap myself is woolies, browse some new wools and find something funny.
Now I could regale you with stories from toddler land (we are just finishing potty learning so you can just imagine the depth of material I have!) but instead I thought I’d share my wealth of knitting humour memes I’ve collected off the inter webs. I figure a knitting blog might have more interest in knitting that poop πŸ˜‰ hopefully these inspire a few laughs on a butt-clenchingly cold ass day!






Linking up with my bestie over at a baby’s smile knits


A new stitch

I’ve mentioned before how I’ll try anything once.

Well, not everything I guess, I’m pretty sure Russian roulette, Base jumping and polygamy are firmly on my avoid list…

But otherwise, bring it!

This seems to be rather helpful mindset for a knitter. 12′ scarf? Sure! 8 hats in 8 days, sure! Lace…cables…colour work, sure! Which leads me to the newest member of my once list…herringbone stitch.


To put it bluntly, it’s going on my avoid list! I love the look, don’t get me wrong. It’s gorgeous. Unique. Eye catching. But it is also mind numbing, blister forming and swear inducing!

But I finished. I started out using the huntress pattern as a guideline, but ended up changing pretty much everything, lol.


The biggest difference was that I had only a Aran weight wool. I held it double for the neck rings, as wheel as I made smaller neck rings using rolled up artic fleece so the rings had more flex and ‘cozy’ factor. The rings are approximately 25″ in circumference. Then I picked up about 120 stitches 2 for every 3 stitches) and using the honking big (technical term, obviously!) 9mm needles I knit 13 rounds of plain stockinette with the wool still held double. I wanted to create a shoulder cap look before the body triangle pieces attached.


Separately, I knit the two triangle pieces, casting on an obscene amount (again with the technical terms!) of stitches and doing the herringbone stitch. For the first 35 rows I decreased one stitch per row. Then I started decreasing two stitches per row since I was worried the triangles were getting too big. Knit knit knit, weave in ends, mattress stitch together and tada!!

It’s destined to be part of a friends maternity photos, so I’ll have some lovely shots of it in use soon πŸ™‚

This photo doesn’t do it justice!



Maiden Monday

Just so you know, I am very proud of myself. Friday night found myself and my co-conspirator/enabler/bestie face to face with two big names in the knitting world and we didn’t embarrass ourselves. Well…maybe she didn’t. I might have had some real *pretty* moments but I’m going to pretend they never happened, so let’s just go with that.

We roadtripped (that must be a word, right? I mean if tweaking and selfie are in the dictionary….) into the big bad city during rush hour just to be there. It was so much fun! I even drove behind a street car, which, if my two boys had been with me, would have been epic. But since they weren’t, I had to pretend that I wasn’t excited by it at all πŸ˜‰

The Purple Purl was a fabulous destination, gotta love a whole store full of wooly goodness and….wait for it…tea and baked goods! Of the glorious gods of pastries I found my new home! Tantalizing all my senses, yum. I am pleased to report I somehow managed to leave with only one skein of heaven , a green label of grape goodness from Tanis herself! Grape you say? Why hellz ya I say! It is going to make the perfect Cabled Canuck to go with my thrummed mitts and as yet to be decided scarf. I’m going to be soooo hawt! And hot! Lol!

But wait You say…thrummed mitts?! What in yarn goodness are those? Don’t you fret new readers, for you can come along with me on my maiden thrumming voyage. I cast on these bad boys Friday, and have now thrummed three rows. Wanna see?



Pretty sweet eh? I’m thrumming with some unknown fiber that I’ve had stashed forever, it’s teal/grey and basically perfect.

Alrighty, there’s my maiden post. Stay tuned for more!

*cast of characters
Co-conspirator/enabler/bestie can be found clicking her needles over at a baby’s smile
Big faces in the knitting world are none other than Tanis Fiber Arts and Knitted Bliss