Miss May off the needles!

Miss May was one of those knits that I fell in love with the pattern a while ago, and was hoarding it waiting for the right wool to come along. Thankfully that perfect wool finally came along when I saw tanis fiber arts new colour way, papaya! It was a marriage made in heaven


Miss May was all charted, which I love. Super simple to follow…I actually finished the last chart during the day, with kids awake and running in and out of the house!


The pattern calls for a full 400m of fingering wool, so I knit right to pattern without any mods. Looking back, I wish I had knit a repeat (or two!) of the second chart because I had lots of wool left over and the shawllette isn’t as deep as I had hoped


I admit to second thoughts about wearing the colour. I tend to stick closely to the blues, purples and greens. Being a redhead I avoid pinks, reds and orange like the plague, but the heart wants what the heart wants!


It’s the perfect summer knit, and I can’t wait to wear it!


Gingko crescent all done!

I am that parent. No gift card for end of year present, I’m so sorry Mme. S! I just can’t when presents give me a chance to buy wool! And knit a new pattern!! And take pictures!! And did I mention more wool? And a new pattern?! Woooo! …and breath

Haha! ok, seriously though, I am happy to be done before the deadline. See, Mme. S is due at the end of May with bebe deux, so I was racing a wee newborn towards the light. I’m pretty sure I won, but shhhh, don’t say anything until tomorrow when she will receive it. Those babies like to keep us guessing!

The dirty details…
Gingko crescent was a quick knit for a lace edge shawl, and took way less mileage that I had prepared for my wool.

Look-y look-y, isn’t she pretty?!


I’m really happy with the lace edge, it’s just simple enough to do quickly but eye catching enough not to be boring


It’s not quite as long as I’d like, I could have easily thrown another lace repeat in. I like to tuck the ends in when I wear it like a scarf and this just isn’t quite long enough

(Is it weird I modeled a gift?! I’m a little shutter happy)

It was also my first time using this wool, diamond luxury foot, which was totally Affordable, and more importantly, washable (a must for gift giving!), but it’s not as soft as you’d expect 90% merino to be. Plus it has a very distinct twist (spinners help me out here) that I’m not sure how I feel about. I might buy it again for socks, but I’m not sold on it for shawls.

Still, pretty purple!


I hope my big boy’s teacher enjoys it :). I whipped up a pair of booties for her new wee one too. Cause…omg BABY BOOTIES!!!! (Sorry, had to get that out!)


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WIP no longer Wednesday- Lush, she is done!

I am in my happy place, let me tell you ladies. This beautiful sweater, which has already had two blog post (here and here), more than deserves this third post, where I can rave about her gorgeousness and show off her beautiful stitches. Cause damn there were a lot, a lot, of stitches. DK weight wool is no easy mistress in my size, let me tell you! A dozen meters shy of five freaking full skeins of malabrigo. Uh-huh.

Drumroll please….


TADA!!! Check out that beautiful lace panel. The drape of that fine fabric


The barely noticeable colour variations in the random skeins I managed to hunt down!


Just beautiful!

To think the random decision to turn one lonely skein of mistake wool (I bought sock yarn, got send the arroyo by mistake but decided to keep it)
From this…


To this (where, ok, I admit, it did sit for months, and months and…ok…months)


To the beautiful finished sweater is a labour of love.


So. I know what you knitters want…the dirty details!
Wool: malabrigo arroyo in the azules colour way
Needles: 4mm for everything but the button bands, which were 3.25mm
I alternated between two skeins for the stockinette body (armpits down) but did not for the sleeves.

Mods: arms are an inch shorter. Body is an inch longer, and there are 10 extra stitches in both armpits/arms. No buttons on button band. I don’t close my sweaters.

If there was one thing I could change (because let’s face it, nothing is perfect even with hundreds of hours of time put it…or maybe because of them) I would make the neck yoke smaller by doing more decrease rows before the ribbing. It’s too wide and loose for my liking. That’s it!

The design is flawless, pattern was wonderful and the construction was fabulous!

Now don’t mind me if I sleep in it for the next year, lol!

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FO Friday – lush is blocking!

Hip hip hooray!! Ms. Lush is blocking away on my kitchen table,spread out in all her glory! Drying will take forever though, we currently have the grossest drizzly weather, boo. And trying to keep three kids away from her is going to give me a nervous breakdown!

So while I sit and watch paint dry, here’s a project I finished in a record four days this past summer.
strawberry jam was a project for my mother-in-law that had a lot of meaning. My mother-in-law had a close group of girlfriends who, once a year, got together for a weekend to make jam. These two women were her closest bosom buddies and I know she just loved her jam weekends. Unfortunately the world lost those two amazing women too soon. This past august when I heard of the second friend’s passing I knew I needed to do something. I found the pattern ‘strawberry’ on ravelry and it was just meant to be. I had 4 days before the funeral, so I knit day and knit. Strawberry jam was born


Knit with classic elite alpaca sox yarn on 4mm is is just divine.


The stockinette body had little gathers like strawberry seeds


And the lace edging had full strawberries


The colour was just perfect too, and looked great on my mother-in-law


….the one and only time she could wear it. Turns out…
she’s allergic to alpaca!
It’s the thought that counts, right? Haha


FO Friday – novelty kids hats

When I first started knitting for hire, a local photographer approached me about doing some knits as photo props. It was about this time of year, and she was looking for something for Easter.
That’s when I first discovered the bunny ear hat


Made with Sidar snuggly yarn, it was the perfect texture for this and I just love it. The yarn has these interesting pompom style chunks in it which did make the knitting somewhat…difficult. I discovered it was best knit on 4mm needles, and you have to be forgiving with your tension. This particular wool is now discontinued (sob) but Sidar does have a few similar that I’ve since used.

Many of the cutest novelty hats, though, are crochet. What’s a knitter to do them? Teach themselves to crochet of course!
I started with the ever popular owl hat


And then there’s the bird hat I fell in love with…


But of course, my all time favourites I made specifically for the newborn photoshoot of my youngest.

Be prepared…you might just ovulate looking at this cuteness!




And that, dear ones, is why I love novelty hats! >

Couldn’t help myself

If it’s not obvious yet, then let me tell you…I am a product Knitter.
I knit so I can admire the finished results. To keep, to give away, to sell…doesn’t matter. There is just nothing I love more than the oohs and ahhs a beautiful finished product garners. I admit to being an attention whore in that regard, I preen like a damn peacock, I tell you!
That doesn’t mean I don’t love the process of knitting, cause I do, but I don’t knit for fun; I knit to get it done. I think this may be why I’m a marathon knitter. When I get something stuck in my head I just have to finish.
Case in point. Wednesday night I was at knit night with ma gang, and I just happened to pick up a skein of the most glorious malabrigo. Ouie was it perfect. It came home with me all would up, and I spent the rest of my night contemplating what It would become. Originally I was thinking seed stitch infinity cowl. Even knit a couple of inches before deciding it just wasn’t right. For once it wasn’t a painful frogging!

Hidden in my rather large collection of patterns to try I came across a gem I hadn’t yet knit…turtle tracks cowl
It looked perfect. Simple enough to embrace the variegated colours, with just a bit of pattern for fun.

Well now. Hi honey, I’m hooooome!


It started fast, and just kept on going


Malabrigo is such a joy to knit with I almost, just almost, became a Process Knitter. Almost but not quite, As I couldn’t even wait to block it before this beauty was around my neck. Product, that’s where I’m at


FO Friday – French Cancan

Well guys, I finished it! This beauty was cast on on a whim, languished for a bit with the whole ‘I don’t want to knit an edging!’ then slowly grew to completion. I had some help and encouragement along the way as Christina over at a baby’s smile knits was knitting the exact same shawl. Funny how friends do that, lol. Now we have matching sweaters and shawls…more than one 😉

I had originally planned on knitting cancan with berroco vintage in a nice teal, but at the last minute subbed in a beautiful forest green wool, rustic wool by Queensland.


I love the slight tonal quality of this wool, and you can’t beat the price. It’s lovely to work with, although it is just this side of soft. I don’t mind the tiny bit of texture it has at all. And neither does my daughter, she loves the tulip sweater and matching hat I’ve made her. I’ve also done a newborn sweater and various hats.

The garter section flew by, but the lace edging pattern took me a long time to memorize, and I noticed I was slipping my stitches incorrectly so had to frog a chunk back.


Once I got the rhythm of the edge, it was just a matters of doing it. It took two evenings to finish that section and not nearly as much wool as I had conserved for it!


I ended up using about 3.75 balls, so 175 g/470 yards. I have 1.25 balls left, which means….HAT!

I decided to not stretch out the squishy garter too much, and just pinned the spikes


Never.again. My next trip to my LYS will be to buy blocking wires!


Thanks to my house’s need for some moisture, this blocked up like a dream and I’ve been wearing it since!



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FO Friday…my secret project!

My LYS has this really great contest each year, in which you can buy a ‘package’ of wool and you create a secret project using just that wool. Then all the creations are displayed in the shop window and people vote for their favourites. It’s such a fun event, it’s fascinating to see what people create. The diversity is astounding!

This year we had red and white Briggs & Little Regal to work with. Couldnt be more patriotic than that!
I’d never used regal before, so my first step was to hop on ravelry and check it out. Read through the comments and scroll through the listed project. It was quickly clear this is not really a ‘by your skin’ wool. It’s a tough workhorse wool great for it’s strength and durability. I had been toying with the idea of knitting a Canadian hockey jersey sweater for my eldest, but ya, not the right wool.

I went back and forth a few time about what to make. Something we’d use, something fun, something not too time consuming since the children have this odd idea they need food and clean clothes (seriously, I had no idea either! Such demanding things)

Soper creek yarn posted a photo of the finished projects…

Isn’t that just a glorious photo! I feel like I should stand up and take off my hat it’s so patriotic! (Ok, I’m not wearing a hat, details details)

I didn’t knit a hat, and I didn’t knit mitts (*ahem* somebody leaked their secret project early, lol!). I didn’t knit that cute turtle, but doesn’t it just make you want to snuggle it? I didn’t knit that wicked maple leaf shawl but I sure the hell wish I had, that thing is gorgeous! I didn’t crochet the cat in the hat hat, I made my eldest one four years ago that he still loves, so it’s obvious a great choice 😉 that wine bottle cozy is brilliant, but wine never stick around long enough in my house to need a cozy!

So what did I knit?


A hot water bottle cozy to keep my husband’s iceberg feet warm! (And maybe off me, lol ;))

It was my first foray into colour work, and I messed up and blocked it before closing the bottom with a Kitchener stitch so it’s all wonky. But otherwise me lovey. Another damp blocking will fix the bottom no problem.

I can’t wait to get it home!

Third times…still a charm

Yup, I’m sure you can guess what’s next. Three kids, two completed balaclavas….totally unequal equation. So of course it means that like a good little knitter mommy I spent my weekend knitting up the perfect lid for my biggest boy. Who just happens to be a Pittsburg penguins lover.


I did a few mods on my now go-to balaclava pattern. First, chunky wool. Berroco vintage chunky to be specific. Yum yum yum! I cast on as specified, knit my 8 inches, then I cast on an extra 8 stitches for the hat forehead. What can I say, my kids got an adult noggin!

Frosted: a tale of earlobe warmth

I’m sure I speak for most hardy Canadians here, but you gotta have a hat that covers your earlobes when it’s -40c out. Am I right or am I right! No poor little bare earlobes can survive those temps for long, and I, for one, like my whittle wobes nice and snug in wool.

So why, then, is it so many hat patterns have ear lobes left dangling in the *ahem* artic breeze? Even if you get lucky to find one long enough (or like me you knit an extra inch, pattern allowing, before decreasing) in general it’s only a single layer of wool covering your precious lobies. I needed more, and brimmed hats are the freaking best. My modified Amanda hat has been my go to hat all year, but now that the Christmas rush is behind me, I can start branching out to the selfish knits in my queue (sweater much!)

My answer…a new pattern, which is almost ready for a quick test knit and release. And of course I used the most delicious skein of tanis fiber arts green label. I mean….of course!!

I introduce you to…frosted!


A cabled French braid knit lengthwise then grafted. The bowl of the hat is then picked up and knit. Easy peasy and oh so warm for those ear lobes!


Not to mention and nice looooong bowl to keep the cabled right where you want ‘me.