Cheers to Another Year!


its so hard to believe, but my innaugural year of being an Indie Dyer is coming to a close!  It’s been a very exciting year for me, from my first skein, to my first sale, to learning how to do stripes, to creating the infamous No 2. Pencil socks!  The ups and downs have been numerous, but what I’ve enjoyed the most is meeting knitters from around the world.  We are a lovely bunch of coconuts if I do say so myself!

Some  of the most memorable things this past year have been a wee incident where wool caught fire in my dyeing microwave…that smell is unforgettable, haha!  Another time I shattered a full jug of pencil yellow all over my kitchen floors!  Oh, and I’ll never forget when the black seeds of wattermelon just wouldn’t bloody set and I ended up boiling the pot dry and melting plastic and burning wool all in my steamer (joy joy).  I’ve sent wool as far away as Australia, and had customers pick it up at my house.  I’ve gone through ink cartridges on my printer like you wouldn’t believe, two logos and countless pieces of paper.  I’ve navigated government forms, created tax forms and found better wool and dye suppliers.  You know you hit the big time when you’re buying dye powder by the pound!

Im thick in the midst of a big dye order of No 2 Pencils and Not your Mothers Sock Monkey stripes, which is keeping my dye pots humming and my hands interesting shades of yellow, black and red!  With all the kids home for summer vacation I’ve been having to learn the fine art of juggling dyeing and mother-ing, which some days is a job for coffee, other days alcohol!

To to celebrate my big milestone, I want to hear what you guys would like!  Would you like a sale?  Free shipping? BOGO? Or maybe you’d like a huuuuuge giveaway for one lucky (4randomly selected) winner!

Let me know here, on facebook, Instagram, Etsy or by email and I’ll announce it Monday Morning!