School’s out for summah! 

Well almost.  Tomorrow is the last school day for my two oldest, which means no more packing lunches for two glorious months!!!  I am embarrassingly excited about that!  I just hate packing lunches. And by June…they are lucky it’s not just croutons in tin foil!  

I’ve been super busy, went on field trips with both my big kids, which was super special since I haven’t been on one since my youngest was born.  It’s fascinating to see your kids interacting with their peers.  The dynamics they develop blows my mind!  I’ve also been frantically trying to finish that shawl for my daughters teacher, and I’m down to the 11th hour here…ok, maybe even 11:30…if I don’t get it finished by lunch, no way will this bad boy dry/block in time to be packed up to gift tomorrow!  Ah!  Wish me luck! 

I’m done the body chart, just have to do the edging chart…

On top of all that, I’ve been mad dyeing to finish up the orders from my anniversary sale, those packages will start shipping today, I hope to have them all out by Friday.  

I’ve been retaking a lot of my colourways’ glamour shots too, I’ve changed the look of how I want my etsy shop to look, which has been a lot of fun!  

I also transposed my ‘greetings Earthlings’ colourway into self-striping socks!! 

Love these


In super cool exciting news, Lovesockwool has included her monkey socks in her podcast and my cheeks are rosy with joy!  If you’ve never watched one of her podcasts run, don’t walk, to Lovesockwool’s YouTube check her out! My socks….I mean her socks…are at about 10:20 🙂

Well, shawl knitting waits for no woman, so I had been get on with it!  Have a great week!  


2 thoughts on “School’s out for summah! 

  1. Pretty yarn and pretty project! I remember those days of being excited for summer to arrive to get a break in the school routine. I actually kinda miss it! I will have to check that podcast out.

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