What! A post! 

Good morning lovelies!!  I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted here!  I’ve been a blog slacker and I’m terribly embarrassed!  Life has been moving along at rocket speed…I swear I blink and I miss a day.  How did that happen!  

This spring I had busy weekends juggling being a dance mom as well as being the convenor for my sons lacrosse league.  If having kids didn’t kill my dream of lazy mornings in bed, then dance competitions and lacrosse certainly did!  During the week I have been elbow deep dyeing up a storm, I’m forever thrilled and grateful you all like me, you really like me!!  …errrr, I mean my wools.  You like my wools :p. I have so many ideas kicking around in my wee noggin, just gotta throw the dye on some wool!  

May’s big hits were of course Charlotte…she was a gorgeous girl 🙂 

Not to be outdone by monkeys though…these bad boys have been flying out of the dye pots! 


Don’t tell…but I am actually almost finished my second sock!  My hubby, for the first time ever, actually requested a pair of socks in this colourway, so I’ve been knitting on them whenever I could.  I’m at the last stripe sequence on the second (can you believe it! Take that SSS!) and then just have to throw in the afterthought heels.  Woot woot! 

I also introduced some new colourways, my fav being ‘Greetings Earthlings’ ( the name!  So fun!) on top here, as well as ‘sea glass’ which is just so beautiful.  Let’s not forget old faithful pencils too.  Always a crowd pleaser! 


I am knitting my daughter’s amazing (and also a redhead, I am genetically programmed to love her!) teacher a ‘Papaya’ shawl in Seaglass and its spectacular.  It’s going to be hard to give away! 

I could show off my colourways all day long, so if you’d like to see more, check out my Etsy store, YarnEnabler.

I also have huge news I can’t completely share…but a knit wear designer and author (as in real books!) has asked me to contribute some colourways to her newest book.  I dies!!!!!   It’s like a dream come true!!  This unnamed (but big name!  Oh I can’t wait to tell you!) was looking for a selection of ombre Blues.  This is what I came up with…

I’m really happy with them!  I played with the blues for a long time, I wanted the perfect dusty blue undertone.  Not a bright blue, or a black blue…blues can be so intricate!  

Of course during all this our laptop decided to stop accepting the charging cord and promptly died, so it’s been in the shop for a week now getting a new plug thingie and a general clean up.  Three kids and a wild puppy I guess can do a number on it ;). I, of course, never drop the damn thing and never download viruses ;). Hehe

Alright dears, I’m off to the dye pots!  Wish me luck!  


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