Nothing screams “go away snow!” like watermelon!!

I’m rebelling.  I’m saying screw you to winter.  To big clunky boots, mismatched mitts (where do they all go?!), drafty windows, snow piles and layers.


knitting a watermelon shawl!

Even the caked skein makes me smile!


Of course, i smiled seeing the wool on the swift too, so i’m an easy mark, lol!IMG_4786

I dyed the skein off a knit blank, which makes the wool interestingly kinky when you frog it.  I could have just knit straight from the blank but…well…

hello beautiful xoxo


I have no pattern in mind yet, i’m thinking of doing some form of modified Cladonia because that pattern is to die for. I knit one two years ago as a end-of-year teacher’s present and she still whispers sweet nothings in my dreams. But we’ll see how this develops!  I’m loving the white speckled look to the pink, it looks like a real watermelon!


Did you see that this week i was featured on The Cozy Knitter‘s blog?!  How cool is that!

linking up with Yarn Along


11 thoughts on “Nothing screams “go away snow!” like watermelon!!

  1. Just dropped by from the yarn along, because the yarn drew me in! It is gorgeous! I love it! I must have some! Although I have no idea what I’d make with it at this point, I do really like those gradient yarns. And it is knitting up quite nicely!

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