Shop update and news!

hello hello on this dreary thursday!  Not sure about where you guys live, but Spring in these parts this year still seems like a distant fantasy.  It is literally snowing right now.  Im ready for my flip flops!

But I digress.

Ive got some cool stuff to show ya’ll and some shop business to talk about.  First off, the wooly goodness.  I am so excited to share that I’ve found a new wholesale wool supplier that is actually Canadian!  This is excellent news for me, since it solves a problem I was pretty stressed about. The Canadian dollar is in the pits, the lowest it’s been in…well…before I can remember.  and my previous supplier was American.  So you can imagine ordering wool was a punch in the gut as it got more and more expensive every time. It was at the point I was afraid Id have to raise my prices.  BUT I don’t!  YAY!!  I can now get wool at great canadian prices, and best of all…i can drive to pick it up, so i save huge on shipping.  which means you save!  …or rather don’t pay more, lol, sorry ;P

There is a little bit of difference….  My new wool is a 80/20 mix, as opposed to my old 75/25, and it has a much tighter spin.  It’s still squishy soft and lovely, I’m quite in love with it!  You (darling, lovely, awesome)  returning customers might notice a difference in the look though.  Wanna see?

Here’s my old wool…


and here’s my new wool…


the twist is a bit more pronounced, but the squish factor is just the same 🙂  And the best part…prices stay the same!

But let’s talk prices for a second.  Shipping prices that is.  I try very very hard to enabler every single one of you!  It’s kinda what i live for 😉  SOooo to have high shipping costs is killing me.  This is why Im going to introduce standard packet shipping as my new “standard” shipping.  This means no tracking number, but it is half the price.  I will add an option to upgrade shipping to the tracked packet, because i know there are stalkers out there who just looooove watching their wool make their way to them!  (I might spend an illogical amount of time stalking pkgs too 😉  It’s ok, you’re amongst friends here). Best of both worlds I hope!

In other (big big BIG) shop news….As of this friday, Im changing from a Dyed-to-Order format, to a weekly stocking format!  I’m really really excited.  I will include a few custom slots each week just in case you are really needing something specific and I didn’t dye it that day.  I got you covered, don’t worry.  I’m really excited about this because it means I can introduce new colourways each week!  Keep things fresh, and new and everyone is happy!  And the best part is…it means a shorter turn around time between when you order and when it goes out the door!  Im going to cut the time down from 2 weeks to under 1!  YAY!!  Mark your calendars enabled ones…

Thursday April 2 at 12pm EST will be my first stocking event!

Also starting next week, I’m going to debut my new monthly club…Pencil CRAYONS!  Each month I will be doing one colour of pencil crayons, so you can fill your #operationsockdrawer with coloured goodness!  The club will have a one month, three month or 6 month option, and you will get free shipping with the 6 month option 🙂  I can’t wait to see everyone’s socks!  I will announce the first Month’s colour Next Thursday.

I think that’s all for today guys!  I will leave you with this picture, because im mean and you love me!



One thought on “Shop update and news!

  1. I’m glad you found a lovely Canadian supplier! Is your new base a 2-ply? I will still buy your yarn either way, but I worry with a 2-ply that it will wear out faster (the socks I make that get holes quickest are the 2-plys.) But as I said, I’m a sucker for color so it’s not going to change my yarn buying habits 😉 And it’s definitely better than having to raise your prices! I can’t wait to check out the crayons, I knew it was only a matter of time before you came out with a club and I definitely approve ❤️💛💚💙💜

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