Winter, I got this

Already the 11th of March, this winter has flown by. I bet it’s not often you hear those words strung together! It’s been a great winter for me, I haven’t really noticed the cold (well of course I *have*, in a hibernating, wearing wool head to toe, kind of way) but it hasn’t touched my spirit yet. This time last year I didn’t think I could go on another day. I needed sunshine, I needed warmth, I needed colour!
I’d like to think being surrounded and inspired by my dyes everyday has helped. And the fact my hands are usually a technicolor rainbow is actually kinda cool (although gloves Amanda!)

Now onto the good stuff!

I’ve cast on yet another cowl for my collection. Can we say addicted?!? and that might also be another new mug. I’m shameless.


It’s like a cloud! Which, huh, would make a sweet name! The grey alpaca is from a Manitoba farmer/dyer called ‘storybook art & fiber’. It’s gorgeous. The electric blue is from my LYS and I shamefully lost the tag. I’m making up the pattern as I go, I want to gradually move to an all blue row, then end with a solid blue chunk so the cowl is split half and half. Like snowmelt ing and turning into rain!

True story…I cast on the gray at my in-laws house this past weekend. My MIL came over to check it out, and she hesitantly commented ‘that’s not your…usual….colour choice….?!’ I had a good laugh as I produced the electric blue and she goes ‘yup, that’s about right!’

So now that you know what’s on my needles, check out what’s come out of my dye pots! Obviously my usual colourways (pencils are still número uno of course) but I also just created this happy guy, which I am going to dye on worsted to make a new hat for my youngest. Because awesomesauce!!


I’ve also accidentally created some wicked art last night, in the form of my paper towel mess catcher. Isn’t she pretty?!


An IG follower suggested using a sock blank next time and hola! Brilliant! This would make some very cool OOAK colourways!

I’ve also been tickled pink by finding customer pictures of their yarn enabler yarn being knit. This bad boy came out last night and I’m in lurve


And of course lolly knitter wrote such an epic post on her blog showing watermelon socks I almost ran out and bought my own watermelon colourway!


I hope you all are surviving winter! Spring is coming!


8 thoughts on “Winter, I got this

  1. Hi Amanda! What a fix your posts and photos are! Right now I want to zoom over in Espresso( my car) to the enabler beautique….good thing I do not know your addy and I am still in jams! You go girl! Bonnie Still trying to find a pattern for 800 gr. of Turtle Purl my niece sent me ay Xmas and a fair isle cardigan pattern I like.

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  2. Cowls are fabulous!! I found out this winter that I need many more of them. I hope I sent some traffic your way with my blog post, because I am LOVING your yarn!! I can’t wait to break into my own striped skein because it’s so soft and squishy!

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