It’s sale time!

Big days around here…the little sweet baby, who took his sweet time meeting this world (let’s gloss over the 23 hours of labour, shall we?!) and made me a mother…is turning 9 on Friday. What what!! Hard to believe!

One of the best things about having a ‘big’ boy is just hanging out with him and learning what makes him tick (donuts and sugar and Legos it seems some days!). I’ve been pretty excited lately because he’s been taking a big interest in my dyeing and even trying out his own colourway. He’s been saving up for a new bike this year (a Huffy in case that means more to you than it does to me!) so he asked if for his birthday he could list some in my store. Ummm. Yes yes YES! How fun to dye wool with my son!

So to celebrate his birthday, he’s listed his new colourway, and I’ve made a sale! Free shipping on orders of $50 or more :).
Come check us out!!



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