My collections of knit themed tea cups and cowls are growing!

How’s that for an informative title! And very true, I’ve been on a bit of a binge for my two newest collections! And who can blame me…this winter just won’t quit. Everybody should have a woolie something around their neck and a warm cuppa in their hands!

Now You all saw my rainbow sparkle cowl the other week, remember?


Still loving it!

About two weeks ago I finished another using one of my newest colourways, Hot lips. It was loosely based on a pattern by irish girlie knits, ‘summer winds’



One word for you…cashmere. Oh yes yes yes! Cashmere makes all the fluffy white stuff outside worthwhile! This beauty is extra long to wrap twice around my neck. Love it.

This past weekend I finished yet another cowl. This one out of misti alpaca, my first time using it. Also went with a colourway out of my usual palette. It’s my ‘adult’ cowl, haha!



I ended up doing it as simple seeds stitch. It’s nice and snug, great for wearing under my coat.

In the tea cup department, I’ve decided to replace my old boring matching mugs with mugs with personality! I am not a matching mug kinda woman, I need mugs that are wild, and funny, and reflect my mood. So this is my new mission!
So far I’ve added a non-knitting one from sea and lake company in Toronto that I giggle at every time I use it….


Ha! It’s totally awesomesauce. I loaned it to my hubby for the morning after he broke his arm last week 😉

Next up….who can argue with this one?


This bad boy is extra big and extra cool!

And of course, I needed this one…


So that’s what I’ve been doing….knitting cowls and drinking tea from cool new mugs to stay warm! Hope you all are staying warm too!


12 thoughts on “My collections of knit themed tea cups and cowls are growing!

  1. Knitting cowls is fun for me too! I like to knit hats, but I don’t really look so good in hats, so I can look fabulous in cowls!! And I do tea, not coffee and like your mugs!!

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