A whole bunch of dyeing, a whole bunch of not-knitting!

It feels like I’ve traded in my knitting needles for my dye pots this winter! I’m not churning out much of anything knit wise, but boy am I turning out lots of wool! I’m thinking this is the same conundrum for those of you who spin, right? You spent time spinning beautiful wool, but it takes up your knitting time! If you’ve figured out a balance, please share it with me 😉 inquiring minds need to learn!

I did manage to finish my sparkle rainbow cowl using yarn ink’so beautiful chocolate rainbow wool.


I’ve been wearing it so much I haven’t even blocked it yet! It’s just perfect for wearing indoors to keep the back of my neck warm and my chest covered. And in this cold weather, sparkle rainbows? yes please!

…I mean, it’s no nipple cozy…


(Hehe) but I think I’ll survive with just my cowl ;).

Oh! And just out of the studio….



9 thoughts on “A whole bunch of dyeing, a whole bunch of not-knitting!

  1. I feel your pain! I try and just go with what inspires me at the current moment. I dyed a lot of yarn a couple of weeks ago (some for me, some for sale) and that was the week that no knitting was done. But my color play itch was scratched and I was ready to go to something else. Like weaving! I hope you find some time to enjoy whatever it is you choose to do!

  2. And with nipple cozies, your blog is getting added to my reader at lightning speed! I’m waiting for a skein of YarnInk in the mail, but it’s taking it’s sweet time from Canada haha

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