How did that happen? I still vividly remember trying not to mess up writing 1990 instead of 1989! And now it’s 25 years later, which is definitely impossible because I’m only 25 😉 work with me here

I’ve been crazy busy over the holiday, and the concept of a new year is playing heavy on my mind. I’m working on planning the direction I want my little store to take, coming up with new colourways and of course experimenting and learning new techniques. I’ve kind of fallen in love with self-stripping wool, which is a double edge sword. On one hand, it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, but on the other it’s darn labour intensive. It’s a lot of winding, and tyeing and omg do NOT bleed into the other colours praying and omg do NOT tangle untangling and then unwinding and reskeining. But it’s amazeballs and totally worth it!

My favourite thing though, is colours. I loooove trying to mix a colour I have stuck in my head. Or that someone has shown me. Like the cozy knitter made these gorgeous star stitch markers, and I wanted to match the colours exactly. It was a bit of experimentation. I am totally going back to my high school and telling my chemistry teacher that I can totally do it :p
Check it out…


Pretty awesome, right!

And then I’ve been knitting a bit too, I’m working on a rainbow cowl using yarn ink sparkle fingering wool. It’s glorious stuff


I took a few tries to get the right pattern and stitch number though. Good thing I had wine to go with my frogging!

I’m also re-reading the game of thrones, so I’m not sleeping so great at night, lol!

Hope you all are doing great!


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