Week before Christmas…

And this knitter has nada done. Absolutely nothing. I had planned to dye and knit my little family of six new stoćkings this year…and I’ve done nothing. I was planning on knitting my oldest a sweater..but the wool is just sitting there. Socks, hats, cowls, cup sleeves….big plans, no follow through. I can’t decide what to do first, so I’ve done nothing. Hardly logical at all! Lol! The only bit of knitting I’ve done in the last week is a bit of a vanilla garter shawl in worsted…


But I’m going to frog it. I think I’d rather a cowl. I’m thinking maybe a seed stitch or honeycomb…not sure yet.

I’ve knit a few taster swatches for my stripping sock wool, does that count?


And I’ve been dyeing…dyeing….dyeing 🙂


I need a plan. I need to focus. So here’s my plan…
Two baby hats (6 mths and 2 mths)
Two preschooler hats (2 & 3 yr olds)
2 sweaters (3 and 9 yr olds)
Worsted socks
…and 8 days. Totally doable, right? I’ll do what the yarn harlot does and cast them all for surely they’ll knit themselves once I get them all ready?! Right?


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