Week before Christmas…

And this knitter has nada done. Absolutely nothing. I had planned to dye and knit my little family of six new stoćkings this year…and I’ve done nothing. I was planning on knitting my oldest a sweater..but the wool is just sitting there. Socks, hats, cowls, cup sleeves….big plans, no follow through. I can’t decide what to do first, so I’ve done nothing. Hardly logical at all! Lol! The only bit of knitting I’ve done in the last week is a bit of a vanilla garter shawl in worsted…


But I’m going to frog it. I think I’d rather a cowl. I’m thinking maybe a seed stitch or honeycomb…not sure yet.

I’ve knit a few taster swatches for my stripping sock wool, does that count?


And I’ve been dyeing…dyeing….dyeing 🙂


I need a plan. I need to focus. So here’s my plan…
Two baby hats (6 mths and 2 mths)
Two preschooler hats (2 & 3 yr olds)
2 sweaters (3 and 9 yr olds)
Worsted socks
…and 8 days. Totally doable, right? I’ll do what the yarn harlot does and cast them all for surely they’ll knit themselves once I get them all ready?! Right?

WIP Wednesday…

In all my new dye ventures, one of my favourite things is still to make things for my munchkins. The fact they love their woolies makes me so happy! For the most part they even take better care of their knit clothes better than the store bought equivalent, and in kid world that’s huge!

My wee lady seems to get an unequally larger percentage of my knit output for some odd reason. Maybe I just have a soft spot for pink, or maybe she’s just better at weasel ing requests out of me, but she’s done it again!

This past week I was experimenting on dyeing on knit blanks. Knit blanks are basically machine knit stockinette tubes or sheets that you can then use to dye gradients or rough stripes. They offer a different result that warping stripes and I was eager to try. Somehow my girl got me to dye her a pair of socks in her school colours, gold and purple.


My girl has such tiny feet that socks just fly off the needles! These are my purse socks, so only get knit on outside the house, and I’ve already turned the heel on one. What what!

See how the stripes has this unique fade to the stripes? That’s from dyeing on the knit blanks. Also….kinky wool. Ugh.


To avoid kinky wool you can soak the wool again in skein form…but I was too anxious to get these bad boys on my needles. Makes my sock stitches look messy now, but they’ll even out once I block the finished socks


Knitpicks sale. one word: cashmere. That’s a big box


Oh, and hello gorgeous!

(My mistletoes colourway at http://www.yarnenabler.etsy.com)

See you next week peeps! I’ve got to go play with some wool 😀 <—- best job ever!