It just keeps getting better and better

I won’t lie…being a wool dyer has a bunch of perks for a knittaholic like me. Play with wool all day? Yes please! Buy hundreds of dollars of wool guilt-free? Sign me up! Have to test knit my new colourways? Twist my arm! Having all of this…this….potential awesomeness at my fingertips makes me so giddy! Which is why I had to take some deep breaths when I saw the first stitches emerge on my new colourway, ‘Icicles built for two’


I’m in lurve!! I am totally a blue girl, these thick stripes make me so ridiculous happy! I really hope to knit the second sock, haha!! And check out the new sock blockers, I feel like a real sock knitter now! So much easier than hanging upside down trying to get pics of my own feet, lol!

Of course, like any good obsessive creative person, once I figured out the way to do stripes without it ending up as a ball of knots, I went a bit crazy….

But…my craziness was rewarded with a new partnership, when my bestie christina – the cozy knitter created the most amazing stitch markers! It’s only natural we team up, and now we have some super duper amazing things in our etsy store!

Check this out….


Cupcakes!! The wool has a brown stripe, then 4 ombre stripes of pink. My little girl practically had a coronary she had the wants so bad!

We didn’t stop there though. Listening to some bing crosby put us in the mood for


If I don’t knit myself a pair of these then I’ll never forgive myself! Ivory stripe followed by three green ombre stripes with a red chaser stripe. *i dies*

Oh oh! That’s not all! Look what else Christina came up with to go with my pencils!


I’m totally sock obsessed!

You can find a limited amount of these bad boys at my store and christina’s store


15 thoughts on “It just keeps getting better and better

  1. Hi Amanda. Yesterday I was at Archibald’s ( Xmas in Clarington) and was cheating to an artist whose textile work involves a lot of dye in different fibres If you have a chance this weekend, I think you would enjoy seeing her work Bonnie Sent from my iPad


  2. That is beautiful!!! How sweet- there will be a load of Frozen fans who will be ALL over that!
    Personally my next yarn purchase is going to be the pencil… cannot say how much I love the pencil!!!

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