Reveal Wednesday!

Hi Everyone!! I have been crazy busy dyeing wool and writing the pattern for my No. 2 Pencil socks . They have been overwhelmingly well-received and I’m afraid my friends are quite done hearing ‘omg its on the ‘hot right now list on ravelry!’ And the many…many…. *ahem* many screen captures I took. (thank you thank you, a million times thank you!)

So now I’m happy to shift gears a bit and show you something new I’ve been working on, inspired by both my oldest boy and my husband…both crazy superhero fans. And no superhero fan worth his salt doesn’t love….superman!

I’m thrilled to show you all my newest line of socks, Super Socks


I started with superman, and no superman inspired *anything* can go without a cape!


My oldest was so excited he insisted on putting this bad boy on right away!


The skein comes dyed for toe up socks, with a mini-skein of red for the cape. But…if you are a cuff down its no problem to dye the wool cuff down, starting with the red cape!


And don’t you worry superhero fans, I’ve got more colourways coming your way, including wonder woman, batman, ironman and the hulk! I gots to say, I cannot wait to knit my daughter her wonder woman socks! The Toddler is, of course getting hulk socks. Because…yeah.


9 thoughts on “Reveal Wednesday!

  1. Genius. Absolute genius. The cloak just finishes it off – perfect! Will there be a black widow one? As someone who has never had the urge to knit socks, I would be sorely tempted to learn for black widow ones…

    Whoever you’re doing, this is such a brilliant idea. Love it!

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