So you bought a skein (or four…) of yarn enabler wool. Now what?

Now you get to knit some super cute socks, that’s what! I’m going to try to address some FAQ and then leave the comments open for anyone who has questions 🙂

First off, thank you thank you thank you!! You guys are amazing, I am humbled and thrilled (my private happy dance is now a public happy dance being done all over town, ha) by the reception to my wool. You.are.awesome.
When I first rolled the idea of being an indie dyer around in my noggin I never dreamed it would be this much fun.

When you order a skein (*ahem* of four!) I get an email. I do a happy dance. I text my husband and pm my best woolie friends and bubble over with excitement. I smile huge and giggle at random times. Then I remember I’m a professional and hunker down 😉

Your wool is dyed to order just for you. That way if you prefer cuff down socks? I got you covered. Knitting kids socks? I shorten the toe section to match. Knitting huge monster men socks? No problem!

Once I get your order, I have to wind the skein of wool in a certain way to match your order.


It’s a bit labour intensive, but the results speak for themselves I think.

Then I dye


Sometimes forgetting my gloves because I get a bit a lot excited


Then the beauties dry


Once they are bone dry, I rewind then into skeins


And vacuum seal them for shipping


You saw that right, I vacuum seal most of my wool! I do it for a few reasons. First, it protects your wool while it’s on it’s way to you. No worry of mangled or wet packages. The plastic vacuum bags are heavy duty and relatively inflexible. Great for shipping. Secondly, it’s cheaper. Other than needing a tracking number, I can make two skeins flat enough to go through letter mail anywhere in the world for under $20. Not a mean feat when you consider Canada post shipping rates! Added bonus…you can sneak the wool into your stash, if need be, lol! ‘Nothing in the mail today sweetie, just this magazine…! ‘ ha!

Once you get your wool, you’ll see that it has the special toe colours at each end of the skein. Best way to wind it is into a centre pull cake


This will give you access to both ends, one end per sock. I like to start by using the inside first, But that is up to you. If you are doing two-at-a-time, you’re golden. Cast on one sock with the inside, one with the outside and off you go!


For my pencil wool, unless you specified cuff down, I dye it for tie up socks, which means you’ll also receive two mini-skeins of gray/pink for the eraser tops. One skein per sock. Simply knit the main skein to about 4 inches shy of the total length you want, and join in the gray. I love a good Russian join, but do whatever you’re comfortable with.

And tada! Yarn Enabler Socks!


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