Socks…they are everywhere!

I have three socks on the needles right now. Three!! That may not seem like much to some of you, but omg it’s driving me bonkers! I’m a product knitter, I like when things are done, not when they are on my needles. And three socks, two of which are dealing with some serious SSS (second sock syndrome, ya know) and I’m having heart palpitations. Repeatedly. And frequently. It’s just so wrong!

I’m also on a bit of a deadline. Family pictures are coming right up, and these are essential! It’s a pair of gorgeous lacy socks, modified Blackrose socks, which while a free pattern, isn’t downloadable, which is not my perferred method of pattern reading. It’s a four row lace repeat and for the life of me I can’t remember it! You’d think after 20 repeats I could do it in my sleep but apparently I’m an idiot ….my babies ate my brain cells …I need more caffeine.

I did manage to finish the first one!


And did a beautiful invisible sewn bind off. Does it have a name? I have no idea, YouTube found it and the gods of YouTube are fickle.


it even fit


But of course, the universe hates me because…



Ya. That happened. That cute, adorable, snuggly puppy ball of love hates me chewed the whole gorgeous cuff to smithereins .
Starbucks and my BFF talked me off the ledge and I did some quick triage and got the ribbing reknit. No super gorgeous bind off this time because…I just couldn’t.

I’m now up past the ankle of #2…


So of course the logical thing is to cast on a gramps sweater for my youngest, ha!



ravelry project page, knit in my groovy grapefruit colourway. Gramps sweater is also my own wool. Might introduce it as a ‘sea glass’ colourway, what do you think?


17 thoughts on “Socks…they are everywhere!

  1. Three pairs of socks on the needles would make me crazy too. I have two right now and I’m not happy with that! The puppy is cute so he gets a pass. I love the color of the “sea glass” yarn. That is gorgeous!

  2. Heh, as a process person, I’m thinking ‘only three?’, but I know how I feel when I’ve only got one project on the go, so I guess it’s the same in reverse 🙂

    Your poor sock! I hope the puppy enjoyed it, but what a shame about your lovely bind off.

    That Gramps sweater colourway is absolutely beautiful – I love the subtle variations in the colour. Really lovely.

  3. Three pairs of socks is no mean feat; one is hard enough for me as I hate knitting the second one. Sorry the pup got to it; it’s a beautiful pattern. 🙂

  4. So sorry about the cuff! But he is super cute. I have the same thing happening over here and I repeat that to our puppy numerous times a day.

  5. I agree, good thing the puppy is cute!!! Your socks are adorable; I love the second color on the toe.
    I cannot wait to see the Gramps baby sweater. My knitting buddy is making one currently! The colorway you chose is perfect!

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