How a concept became reality

I’m a very lucky girl, I have three great sisters-in-laws, and by some fluke of nature they are all some form of teacher. Contributing to the delinquency of minors future generations of society one sister-in-law at a time ;). Haha, I kid, I kid. One teaches adults. 😉

Ok ok, in reality though, when September hit and everyone went back to school, and I got into my dyeing, I couldn’t help but come up with something school related. School supplies were everywhere, which I tried to use as inspiration instead of just a drain on my bank account! A pencil colourway just seemed natural. Two kids in school and all these educators surrounding me I didn’t have much else on my mind!

Begin the dyeing….


I started with that, and let me tell you, no. 2 yellow isn’t easy! It’s this yellow with muted orange undertones and I need like to get things right. My husband was conscripted to sit with a fist full of pencils and an armful of yarn and I just kept dipping till I got it right.

It didn’t end there though. After my first few pencil sales, the idea of the cuff came up. Was it possible to, perhaps, have an eraser end? Umm, hell yah!


Total icing on the cake! A bit of dyeing later, and I’m very pleased with these bad boyz.


So now one sock down, and 5 more to go so I can be sure my SILs are properly attired whilst they shape minds!

You know you want a pair 😉



(That’s the fish lips kiss heel that is ah-mazing!)

Find these (and so much more!) at my etsy store, Yarn Enabler


30 thoughts on “How a concept became reality

    • Once you go FLK you won’t go back to flap! It’s super easy to do and fits great. I can turn a heel on an adult sick in about 40 minutes, gotta love it. Give yourself enough time to read the pattern though, it’s thorough and I totally was intimidated the first time!

  1. Those are awesome! You are right, I do want them! We homeschool our kids, and I want a pair for everyone in our family, to go along with our “Caution. Unsocialized Homeschoolers Ahead.” shirts to use for field trips.

  2. I saw socks like these a long time ago on Pinterest- I think from Fishes Eddy? I wanted them so bad. Oh to have the skills to make them like you did! Amazing work!

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