Come and get me winter!

I’m ready! As of September 8th, I am ready to rock the white stuff! My hat…done!
You remember Loch, right?



Beautiful loch, how you make my heart flutter. ‘Lovh’ is my Tin Can Knits, and I used the OOAK skein of surf from tanis fiber arts. It’s got cashmere ‘yo. And silk. That’s a yarngasm in a skein if I ever heard of one!

Nothing would do but to make a matching cowl with the remaining bit of skein, so I cast on one repeat of ‘loch’ lace pattern and a whole wack load of stitches. I’d like to say I was totally scientific about it and figured out my stitches per inch, times the size of my head, divided by….but I didnt, lol! I just kinda guessed and got it about right! Reward for laziness, I’ll never learn 😉

So I knit and knit until my tanis ran out. Then I though, hey, how awesome would this be double sided?! Super awesome! After some stash diving, though, it became apparent I had nothing suitable. how the….?! so I got to visit my LYS where I snagged a delicious charcoal skein of tosh merino DK. Perfection. So then I knit a mile of stockinette (not even much of an exaggeration), thanks to some binge watching of west wing on netflix.


And then, my dears, it came time to graft.


226 stitches. Sewing needles. strong liquor strong tea.

Of course, a helpful friend also pointed out a new way to Kitchener graft, by knitting it. knitting it. WHA….! But let’s not get into that because I’d already started and you need to suffer with me. Knit off, purl on. Purl off, knit on. 226 times.

It’s perfect


bring it winter!


And in case you’re looking for a pencil to fill in all those back to school forms, I’ve got you covered 😉



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