I’ve got a pair of jams!

Remember my new socks, strawberry jam socks? Well, sock, singular since I had just barely started it? Well, holla! I’ve got myself a pair!!


Woot woot! I’m feeling pretty darn fancy in my matching socks! Who knew matching socks would feel so good?! Of course I did my go-to heel, Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Say that fast four times!


I’m even going to enter these puppies in our country fair, I’m that excited! …just don’t tell my teenage self that I wrote a blog post about matching socks and country fairs, because I think my eyes would stillhurt from the epic eye roll.

Oh yes, I was an eye roller. I was a master eye roller because I was that cool.

But I digress…

Look, matching socks!


I’m not just happy about matching socks though. I’m happy because these guys are my brain child from the start. The wool dyeing, the pattern, the knitting…it’s like. Wow. I’m actually a knitter! I did that!. It’s kinda a great feeling ;). 6 years ago I had just begun playing with sticks and string, and now I’m doing it all.
…well except not the feeding the sheep, shaving the sheep, cleaning the fleece, carding the fleece, spinning the fleece…ya. Let’s not get too carried away now!

In celebration of getting this delicious pattern not only knit, but freaking written out and published (!), I’m offering all my patterns 50% off till Friday. What what!! Check it out! my ravelry store! coupon code ‘strawberryjam’

I may not have shaved the sheep…but I did take some pretty pictures with fruit, and that’s kinda the same, right?



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