FO Friday: more fruity feet!

I finished some more dyeing this week and am thrilled with the results!

…I may have accidentally dyed my hand blue (again) and It may have taken 20 minutes to scrub the hot pink off my countertops…but it’s all for the art! Right? I can tell my husband that, right? ‘But honey, I’m an artist! I’m creating here!’

It’s very all-encompassing, this art thing. I left a pot of dark blue soaking while I was off gallivanting with my girls (aka my knitting circle, heh) and came home to medium blue wool and hot pink water. What what?! I mean…how does that even…wha? But, a further dip revealed some amazing colours so I was tickled pink, and fell in love.

What I’m loving most about this art thing is all the places inspiration is smacking me upside the head hitting me. Farmers market! Driving the van, tv commercials, talking with friends, bathtub, cooking…it’s all around me and my wittle notebook is filling fast. Best part is I’m sleeping like a log. My brain is happy.

I’ve also been busting out my very rusty photography skills. Insinuating they were at one point even better is a stretch, but it’s my blog so I’m gonna go with it ;).
Check out my two newest colour ways, bringing my grand total of reproducible colour ways to FOUR!

Bonnie blueberry


And perfectly plum


Yummy, am-I-right?!. I even got the listed on etsy, blue hand and all. Can I just say how distracting having only one blue hand is? I’m tempted to dye the other just so I can have a matching pair!

…and now I’m off to finish knitting my other strawberry jam sock so I can get those bad boys registered in the local fairs knitting competition!


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