Slice of watermelon! And blog announcement!

Before I tickle your fancy with some sweet knits, let me first share my blog news…

I’ve become the proud owner of! You’ll still be able to access my blog through the site, so never fear. I’m just so tickled pink with my new name I wanted to make it all jive! I’m also changing my name on Ravelry (theyarnenabler) as well as on Instagram (yarn enabler).

Along with all this excitement, I have officially opened my etsy store!. …I’ve never been accused of having problems committing to an idea, haha!

So far I have my strawberry jam sock wool and the exciting watermelon sock wool listed! I’ve even had a sale! (…I might have been so excited by that that printed the email and framed it. I’m not even embarrassed, lol!)

So now for what you’ve come for, some sweet knits! I dare you not to lick the screen when you see these juicy socks!



Ok, I guess ‘socks’ plural might be over-confident…I’ve only knit the one! But I can’t help myself, I’ve fallen in lurve!


Nothing like a simple stockinette to set off the seeds and the slight tonal qualities of the pink. These I cannot call plain vanilla socks!

I of course did my go-to fish lips kiss heel, but any heel flap sporting these jaunty seeds would be equally as cute.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cast on #2 otherwise I’ll be wearing a fruit salad!




21 thoughts on “Slice of watermelon! And blog announcement!

  1. Love the socks, they are so fun! As a fairly new knitter and very new blogger I will be sure to keep up with you. It’s great to see someone that has taken it to the next level! Congratulations πŸ™‚

    • Thank you and welcome! Mi warn you now, knitting (and wool!) is an addictive world, so might as well just sit back and enjoy it, lol! I’m only 6 years in myself, I never thought I’d be knitting my 30’s away, lol!

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