Strawberry jam debut!

Ladies, I am ecstatic! Beside myself, elated, jubilant, just….wooooo! (Yaba daba doooooo!)
You might want to sit down, cause this is going to make your skirts fly up. No,seriously. Trust me on this one.


Strawberry jam!


Isn’t it gorgeous!! Not to toot my own horn or anything (but ok, I will, cause it’s just you and me ;)) but I dyed that!! Me! I did it!! I’m so proud.

So of course strawberry wool needs strawberry sock patterns. So I came up with this.


I’m thrilled with the way the colours came out. The green makes me smile (like a big, toothy smile too)


Even skeined up it’s great!



I’m really enjoying this pattern, I just can’t put them down! I’m already at the heel, and I just started them Tuesday morning. They are flying!

And in case you were wondering (a girl can dream, right?), I’m going to be publishing the pattern on my ravelry page in the next few days, AND….selling the wool! I just have to finish my etsy shop. Any tips or suggestions for etsy would be great!

Oh and….*ahem*


Watermelon. Yes. I know, you love me. Cause….watermelon! Stay tuned for those bad boys knit up!


27 thoughts on “Strawberry jam debut!

  1. What lovely yarn…soooo yummy and strawberry socks are so cute!! Good luck with your shop, I’ll have to pop over and check it out!!

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