I’ve got a pair of jams!

Remember my new socks, strawberry jam socks? Well, sock, singular since I had just barely started it? Well, holla! I’ve got myself a pair!!


Woot woot! I’m feeling pretty darn fancy in my matching socks! Who knew matching socks would feel so good?! Of course I did my go-to heel, Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Say that fast four times!


I’m even going to enter these puppies in our country fair, I’m that excited! …just don’t tell my teenage self that I wrote a blog post about matching socks and country fairs, because I think my eyes would stillhurt from the epic eye roll.

Oh yes, I was an eye roller. I was a master eye roller because I was that cool.

But I digress…

Look, matching socks!


I’m not just happy about matching socks though. I’m happy because these guys are my brain child from the start. The wool dyeing, the pattern, the knitting…it’s like. Wow. I’m actually a knitter! I did that!. It’s kinda a great feeling ;). 6 years ago I had just begun playing with sticks and string, and now I’m doing it all.
…well except not the feeding the sheep, shaving the sheep, cleaning the fleece, carding the fleece, spinning the fleece…ya. Let’s not get too carried away now!

In celebration of getting this delicious pattern not only knit, but freaking written out and published (!), I’m offering all my patterns 50% off till Friday. What what!! Check it out! my ravelry store! coupon code ‘strawberryjam’

I may not have shaved the sheep…but I did take some pretty pictures with fruit, and that’s kinda the same, right?


FO Friday: more fruity feet!

I finished some more dyeing this week and am thrilled with the results!

…I may have accidentally dyed my hand blue (again) and It may have taken 20 minutes to scrub the hot pink off my countertops…but it’s all for the art! Right? I can tell my husband that, right? ‘But honey, I’m an artist! I’m creating here!’

It’s very all-encompassing, this art thing. I left a pot of dark blue soaking while I was off gallivanting with my girls (aka my knitting circle, heh) and came home to medium blue wool and hot pink water. What what?! I mean…how does that even…wha? But, a further dip revealed some amazing colours so I was tickled pink, and fell in love.

What I’m loving most about this art thing is all the places inspiration is smacking me upside the head hitting me. Farmers market! Driving the van, tv commercials, talking with friends, bathtub, cooking…it’s all around me and my wittle notebook is filling fast. Best part is I’m sleeping like a log. My brain is happy.

I’ve also been busting out my very rusty photography skills. Insinuating they were at one point even better is a stretch, but it’s my blog so I’m gonna go with it ;).
Check out my two newest colour ways, bringing my grand total of reproducible colour ways to FOUR!

Bonnie blueberry


And perfectly plum


Yummy, am-I-right?!. I even got the listed on etsy, blue hand and all. Can I just say how distracting having only one blue hand is? I’m tempted to dye the other just so I can have a matching pair!

…and now I’m off to finish knitting my other strawberry jam sock so I can get those bad boys registered in the local fairs knitting competition!

Slice of watermelon! And blog announcement!

Before I tickle your fancy with some sweet knits, let me first share my blog news…

I’ve become the proud owner of http://www.yarnenabler.com! You’ll still be able to access my blog through the knitinthesquare.wordpress.com site, so never fear. I’m just so tickled pink with my new name I wanted to make it all jive! I’m also changing my name on Ravelry (theyarnenabler) as well as on Instagram (yarn enabler).

Along with all this excitement, I have officially opened my etsy store!. …I’ve never been accused of having problems committing to an idea, haha!

So far I have my strawberry jam sock wool and the exciting watermelon sock wool listed! I’ve even had a sale! (…I might have been so excited by that that printed the email and framed it. I’m not even embarrassed, lol!)

So now for what you’ve come for, some sweet knits! I dare you not to lick the screen when you see these juicy socks!



Ok, I guess ‘socks’ plural might be over-confident…I’ve only knit the one! But I can’t help myself, I’ve fallen in lurve!


Nothing like a simple stockinette to set off the seeds and the slight tonal qualities of the pink. These I cannot call plain vanilla socks!

I of course did my go-to fish lips kiss heel, but any heel flap sporting these jaunty seeds would be equally as cute.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cast on #2 otherwise I’ll be wearing a fruit salad!



Strawberry jam debut!

Ladies, I am ecstatic! Beside myself, elated, jubilant, just….wooooo! (Yaba daba doooooo!)
You might want to sit down, cause this is going to make your skirts fly up. No,seriously. Trust me on this one.


Strawberry jam!


Isn’t it gorgeous!! Not to toot my own horn or anything (but ok, I will, cause it’s just you and me ;)) but I dyed that!! Me! I did it!! I’m so proud.

So of course strawberry wool needs strawberry sock patterns. So I came up with this.


I’m thrilled with the way the colours came out. The green makes me smile (like a big, toothy smile too)


Even skeined up it’s great!



I’m really enjoying this pattern, I just can’t put them down! I’m already at the heel, and I just started them Tuesday morning. They are flying!

And in case you were wondering (a girl can dream, right?), I’m going to be publishing the pattern on my ravelry page in the next few days, AND….selling the wool! I just have to finish my etsy shop. Any tips or suggestions for etsy would be great!

Oh and….*ahem*


Watermelon. Yes. I know, you love me. Cause….watermelon! Stay tuned for those bad boys knit up!