Summer is for….dyeing!

I’ve been having a great time this summer trying something new…


Wool dyeing!

A group of my knitting friends and I got together for a whole day of colorful fun. Lots of laughs and lots of blue fingers later we came away with a new appreciation for hand dyers! I also learned I hate wearing gloves 😉

We had a beautiful day, and had everything our little yarnie hearts could ask for.


I ordered some special wool from knitpicks just for dyeing. I tried a few ways, including knitting blanks on a knitting machine, hand painting, kettle dyeing and microwaving.

I can’t decide my favourite. The watermelon socks…



Or the rainbow socks



Or course, I also fell in love with this tonal teal that was pure accident



And this dark denim which was an ugly purple over dyed with a dark royal blue


Let’s just say I’ve been bitten by the dye bug, lol!



10 thoughts on “Summer is for….dyeing!

    • We used Wilton food dyes for the most part, but otherwise I didn’t keep track of which ones I used, bad dyer! I’m really interested in doing more dyeing though, so I’ll keep track. Maybe one day I’ll sell them!

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