Knitting in public

I’ve been working feverishly on a very special pair of socks for my SIL. She’s due any day now with her first baby, and being in the Southern Hemisphere her feet are cold! What better for cold feet than wool socks made with love 😉

I cast on, and knit knit knit everywhere I was.
Beach? Knitting


(I cropped this one for Instagram. Amazing what a different story a picture can tell when you cut out the craziness in a mothers life. Kid? Toys? Water bottles! Gone!)


I managed to turn the heel yesterday and make it half way down the foot last night. I decided to do these guys one at a time because I get so much more gratification when it grows fast. The counting rows to match is a bugger though!
Here’s the first sock all done!


Now if you excuse me, I need to knit knit knit! These need to be on a plane Saturday morning, along with the baby cardigan I haven’t even started, eek!

Details on my ravelry page


11 thoughts on “Knitting in public

    • Thanks! My daughter chose the nail colour, I’m hopeless without her, I’d wear boring pink all the time! I highly recommend jumping into sock knitting, I was intimidated for a long time, but now I love it 🙂

  1. Socks are the perfect gift. I couldn’t live without my socks!! I love the picture before you cropped it. My son is 30 now and I miss all the superman pictures and the crazy days but I enjoy my kids now too!! Good luck to your SIL!!

  2. Knit that baby cardigan in worsted weight and it’ll be done so fast it will make your head spin! I’m knitting baby stuff now, and I thought it would be done super quickly. I realized, belatedly, that I’m knitting it all in fingering weight yarn, which means it’s as many stitches as a worsted weight adult sweater! duh! 😛

    • Lol, worsted would be perfect, I’m slacking on knitting today! Did you see the new photo I uploaded of your huntress cowl? My friend just got back her pro pictures and they are gorgeous!

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