Sparkly hearts for my girlie girl

Girlfriend has been a girlie girl from day one. Her first word? ‘Tutu’. Show her a rainbow, and she’ll find the fuchsia. Barbies…ballet…check.

But…Don’t get me wrong though, my girl keeps up with her brothers and kicks their butts when necessary. Nothing scares this girl…not even stinky hockey equipment!


Her true love, though, will always be pink. And sparkles. So of course I found pink sparkly wool to knit her socks! turtle purl yarns makes the most delicious fuchsia pink called ‘princess’ in their moonbeam sock yarn. I snatched this up back at the frolic in April the second I saw it. It was one of those purchases where there is no hesitation, no guilt, no buyers remorse!


And of course, I found the perfect pattern. piece of my heart socks. *melts*.
I decided to modify them though, to have just one full heart on each side of the ankle instead of a repeating pattern. I cast on 48 stitches with my 2.25mm sock rockets, which was just perfect for my small 6 yr old.


These bad boys knit up so darn quick, oh my! The joy of 7″ feet!


I did my traditional fish lips kiss heel and a modified rounded toe. Notes are on my ravelry project page


Now I think mama needs a matching pair of socks to finish the skein 😉

Happy knitting!

I’m linking up with some fab link parties this week! Check out all the great links posted over at yarn along, wow me Wednesday , someday crafts, and last but not least, made by me , Tami!


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