Modified Haruni for a teacher’s present

Happy Wednesday! I’m pleased to report I survived my Monday, and by the looks of it, Tuesday as well. Hip hip hooray me!

Even better, I have a real beauty to show you guys today! Thanks to a wonderful soul in my knitting circle with a healthy yarn stash, I scored the extra skein of zarina wool I needed to finish the lace on my haruni. Yay! Cheers to Shawna, who just had a baby boy too! Love me some newborn snuggles even more than a new skein of prized wool. I might have popped an egg just by holding the wee fella 😉
…how I love babies, let me count the ways! Thankfully, my own three darlings quickly reminded me how much I love sleep. And closing the bathroom door. And eating with two hands. But…but… I lurve babies sleep! If I tell myself that enough, it might come true ;).

Ok, enough talk of sweet sweet adorable, yummy smelling, warm snuggling bodied babies. No more! (I might need an intervention….)

Wool, wool! Concentrate on the wool! Ok, quick, my haruni, yes…here it is!



Ain’t she a beaut Clark? (Name that movie!)
The lace makes my knees week. Just…boom. Down I go


The cast off was surprisingly unique, and put the finishing touches on the lace


I adore how the leaves are shaped and have the lace between. Just glorious design, how can this be a free pattern?


Isn’t it fabulous?! This one is going to be hard to let go


My haruni was knit in 4 mm needles, with zarina sock wool. Glorious stuff. I followed knittimo’s modifications to make an elongated stockinette body before jumping onto chart B for the leaf petals. Brilliant mod if I do say so myself.

And one more picture for the road. Cause…damn.



22 thoughts on “Modified Haruni for a teacher’s present

  1. This is the most precious and beautful piece of knitting I have seen. I love the FEEL of the yarn, just looking at it, and the leaves….they remind me of an afghan I was making when a teenager , with squares with those leaves on them…and then that lace!!! I do not think I could let it go! lol There is hardly a price one could place on such a piece as this as it would diminish it. Thank you for making it, so we could all see it. I wonder what you will make next. Love the yarns you use..—Merri at Willow House

  2. Just beautiful!! I did the original all lace 2 years ago and it is one of my favorites. I’m going to certainly try yours with just the lace on the bottom!!

  3. This is so beautiful. It’s fun to see your progress from last week to this one. What a clever idea to modify this shawl in this way, never would’ve thought of it!! Lovely.

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