Inspiration Monday- Monday is out to get me.

It’s been one of those mornings when…
I put my underwear on backwards,
the cereal box got put away in the fridge and the milk in the pantry,
I can’t find my keys to lock the front door
…and I just messed up 4 rows of lace.
I think I need to put down the needles and back away slowly!

As much as I’d love to curl back up in bed to avoid any further Monday morning bloopers, instead I’m going to power through and come up with an exceptional inspirational Monday post! Are you ready to be inspired?!?

Let’s DO THIS!

I have found some of the most exceptionally creative and whimsical knits I could find.
Starting with this glorious shawl, dream bird.

It’s just fabulous!

happypotamus is just the thing to make even the grumpiest gus smile. The colours used are glorious and hello, hippos rock! …well, I wouldn’t want to meet one face to face cause ‘yo. They are scary dudes. But cute in their plush forms, amiright?!


No self-respecting outrageous list is complete without at least one Stephen west knit. color craving stands out in my mind as something fun and fabulous. The shape and colours…just Wowsa!


vortex should be a Dr. Seuss hat it’s just so fantastical! The colour change on this example does it for me. Plus orange glasses are da bomb


On that note, i just realized my contacts are in the wrong eyes, so I better go and switch things up. Oh Monday, why do you hate me so?


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