Busy baby knitting!

There is nothing quite like welcoming a new baby to the family! I’m lucky enough to be aunt to a plethora of munchkins, including a new arrival down in Australia. I’m tickled blue! Of course babies have their own timelines, and I’m a procrastinator, which means I had to knock out baby’s present ASAP!

Enter….the Puerperium Cardigan.


Knit in DK on 4 mm needles, this newborn size flew off my needles!


The pattern calls for 7 buttons all down the side opening, but since I am oh-so-awesome at math I only bought six. Nothing for it but a bit of modification, and because really, who wants to do up 7 buttons on a squirmy newborn anyways!


This is sirdar’s baby bamboo, and while I love the finish product, I have a heck of a time keeping this slippery yard in equal tension and oh my word it takes forever to dry. But the finish…just beautiful!


I packed this bad boy off with my SIL’s mom to welcome the new baby along with her double heart socks and some chocolate. Cause that’s how I roll πŸ˜‰


Welcome baby D! You are very loved all over the world!

Knitting in public

I’ve been working feverishly on a very special pair of socks for my SIL. She’s due any day now with her first baby, and being in the Southern Hemisphere her feet are cold! What better for cold feet than wool socks made with love πŸ˜‰

I cast on, and knit knit knit everywhere I was.
Beach? Knitting


(I cropped this one for Instagram. Amazing what a different story a picture can tell when you cut out the craziness in a mothers life. Kid? Toys? Water bottles! Gone!)


I managed to turn the heel yesterday and make it half way down the foot last night. I decided to do these guys one at a time because I get so much more gratification when it grows fast. The counting rows to match is a bugger though!
Here’s the first sock all done!


Now if you excuse me, I need to knit knit knit! These need to be on a plane Saturday morning, along with the baby cardigan I haven’t even started, eek!

Details on my ravelry page

Sparkly hearts for my girlie girl

Girlfriend has been a girlie girl from day one. Her first word? ‘Tutu’. Show her a rainbow, and she’ll find the fuchsia. Barbies…ballet…check.

But…Don’t get me wrong though, my girl keeps up with her brothers and kicks their butts when necessary. Nothing scares this girl…not even stinky hockey equipment!


Her true love, though, will always be pink. And sparkles. So of course I found pink sparkly wool to knit her socks! turtle purl yarns makes the most delicious fuchsia pink called ‘princess’ in their moonbeam sock yarn. I snatched this up back at the frolic in April the second I saw it. It was one of those purchases where there is no hesitation, no guilt, no buyers remorse!


And of course, I found the perfect pattern. piece of my heart socks. *melts*.
I decided to modify them though, to have just one full heart on each side of the ankle instead of a repeating pattern. I cast on 48 stitches with my 2.25mm sock rockets, which was just perfect for my small 6 yr old.


These bad boys knit up so darn quick, oh my! The joy of 7″ feet!


I did my traditional fish lips kiss heel and a modified rounded toe. Notes are on my ravelry project page


Now I think mama needs a matching pair of socks to finish the skein πŸ˜‰

Happy knitting!

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Inspiration Monday – peeping tom edition

One of my favourite parts of ravelry is watching what my friends are doing. I am a nosy nosy girl, so seeing not only their projects, but also what they are ‘favouriting’ is so much fun! Nothing better than a quick peak to see what’s been catching everyone’s eye lately πŸ˜‰

Wanna see?

Celtic Cast on Faved blue macaw, which it turns out was a test knit. It’s freaking gorgeous and I totally faved it too!


danskknit Faved up in the air, this adorable cap with the to-die-for button! Yum! (And yeah, I faved it too, lol)


brokenhallelujah Faved wild berries. Stop my feet from dancing! Gorgeousness! I love this! Totally in my favs AND queue now!


shawnamay Added pics to her finished project, leafy baby blanket, and it’s beautiful! I love the leaves


willow4 Queue calendulas, which is just divine. Beautifully airy, what a summer shawl!


Not a bad sampling for just the latest page of my friend activities!! Are we friends on ravelry? Find me! knitinthesquare

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Modified Haruni for a teacher’s present

Happy Wednesday! I’m pleased to report I survived my Monday, and by the looks of it, Tuesday as well. Hip hip hooray me!

Even better, I have a real beauty to show you guys today! Thanks to a wonderful soul in my knitting circle with a healthy yarn stash, I scored the extra skein of zarina wool I needed to finish the lace on my haruni. Yay! Cheers to Shawna, who just had a baby boy too! Love me some newborn snuggles even more than a new skein of prized wool. I might have popped an egg just by holding the wee fella πŸ˜‰
…how I love babies, let me count the ways! Thankfully, my own three darlings quickly reminded me how much I love sleep. And closing the bathroom door. And eating with two hands. But…but… I lurve babies sleep! If I tell myself that enough, it might come true ;).

Ok, enough talk of sweet sweet adorable, yummy smelling, warm snuggling bodied babies. No more! (I might need an intervention….)

Wool, wool! Concentrate on the wool! Ok, quick, my haruni, yes…here it is!



Ain’t she a beaut Clark? (Name that movie!)
The lace makes my knees week. Just…boom. Down I go


The cast off was surprisingly unique, and put the finishing touches on the lace


I adore how the leaves are shaped and have the lace between. Just glorious design, how can this be a free pattern?


Isn’t it fabulous?! This one is going to be hard to let go


My haruni was knit in 4 mm needles, with zarina sock wool. Glorious stuff. I followed knittimo’s modifications to make an elongated stockinette body before jumping onto chart B for the leaf petals. Brilliant mod if I do say so myself.

And one more picture for the road. Cause…damn.


Inspiration Monday- Monday is out to get me.

It’s been one of those mornings when…
I put my underwear on backwards,
the cereal box got put away in the fridge and the milk in the pantry,
I can’t find my keys to lock the front door
…and I just messed up 4 rows of lace.
I think I need to put down the needles and back away slowly!

As much as I’d love to curl back up in bed to avoid any further Monday morning bloopers, instead I’m going to power through and come up with an exceptional inspirational Monday post! Are you ready to be inspired?!?

Let’s DO THIS!

I have found some of the most exceptionally creative and whimsical knits I could find.
Starting with this glorious shawl, dream bird.

It’s just fabulous!

happypotamus is just the thing to make even the grumpiest gus smile. The colours used are glorious and hello, hippos rock! …well, I wouldn’t want to meet one face to face cause ‘yo. They are scary dudes. But cute in their plush forms, amiright?!


No self-respecting outrageous list is complete without at least one Stephen west knit. color craving stands out in my mind as something fun and fabulous. The shape and colours…just Wowsa!


vortex should be a Dr. Seuss hat it’s just so fantastical! The colour change on this example does it for me. Plus orange glasses are da bomb


On that note, i just realized my contacts are in the wrong eyes, so I better go and switch things up. Oh Monday, why do you hate me so?