Spring toes in time for summer heat

I am so excited to finish these beauties…my very own socks!! Ive knit a few pairs previously, but they’ve all been gifts. Not these guys!! I shall wiggle my toes in glee if it wasn’t 30 degrees Celsius out the last three days, lol.

Nothing like finishing a long awaited knit project only to be foiled in fully appreciating it thanks to Mother Nature!

So help me enjoy these beauties because no way am I sticking my sweaty feet back in them!


The fish lips kiss heel was just perfect, nicely hugging but not confining my foot.


I did a much rounder toe than in previous socks! which I like. I’m a toe wiggler, there’s nothing I dislike more than squished toes! Throwback to my pointe shoe days probably, haha!


2.25 mm addi sock rocket needles
Sweet Georgia tough love sock yarn in lake shore drive.
Pattern is a modified ‘Rye’ by tin can knits

Everything else is on my ravelry project page!

Happy knitting! The knitting gods were looking down on me as one of my friends bought three balls of the cream wool I need to finish the teacher’s haruni!


19 thoughts on “Spring toes in time for summer heat

  1. I adore that color!!! I’m thinking of doing a modified Rye for myself! (also, I really want clear wellies so I can show off my brightly colored handknit socks.)

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