WIP Wednesday- haruni for a great teacher

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for my lack of posts since last week, I’m afraid life got away from me and pow…it’s Wednesday again! I feel like I blinked and missed it!
This was a much celebrated long weekend in these parts, the official kick off to summer weekends and yours truly enjoyed every fleeting second. There may have been one two three multiple bottles of wine drank to celebrate ye olde Victoria Day, haha! Not unsurprisingly, in related knitting news, I had to pull back 8 rows of lace on my current project….oups!
Let’s all say it together…don’t drink and knit lace!

Speaking of lace…tada! My modified Haruni is shaping up nicely! It’s the end-of-year present for my daughter’s fabulous kindergarten teacher. I hope she loves it!

Miles of stockinette went pretty quickly. I elongated the shawl from a typical triangle by increasing 4 stitches on the RS and 2 stitches on the WS. got me to the required 249 stitches much faster, so yay for that!


Before I go on, I just have to say I am in love with this wool. It’s soft and gorgeous and a great price! If you haven’t tried filature zarina get thee a ball…or five. It’s gorgeous.

I mean, hello!

So I obviously modified haruni to not have lace in the body, which lead to the drunken miss-knitting of the beginning of the lace. The middle section?
Hates me.


I cannot count YO’s after wine-ing. Nope. not.at.all. Somehow my wine counting ended up with me having about triple the YO’s. I mean..wha?!

Thankfully pulling back was easy, just time consuming, and the second attempt yielded the proper numbers. Phew!


Now the problem is I need to go buy another wool, because typically…I’m almost out. Oups!

But hey…



15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- haruni for a great teacher

  1. Beautiful!!! I knit Haruni last year with the lace and it is one of my favorites! I would also love to be your daughter’s teacher! How thoughtful!!

    • It’s such a spectacular pattern, especially for free! Lol, I try to be good to their teachers, all three of my sisters-in-laws are teachers so they’ve *ahem* taught me well, lol

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