Inspiration Monday – let’s talk socks

This time of year my brain starts trying to make hot weather into knitting weather. I couldn’t condone not knitting at all, but there is something inherently wrong with getting a sunburn while knitting a sweater. Or a tuque. Yes, even my beloved hats don’t do it for me during the summer (but I’m a Gemini, so of course I’ve knit a hat…during a heat wave. Rules are made to be broken!). So. Socks it is. I love having a pair tucked in my bag for knitting on the go. I just had to share the socks that are making me moan this spring

watermelon self-stripping socks?! Yes please!


If this isnt perfection…


These ones just blow my mind. opposites attract , they take one skein, and split it in half. Then they use one of the secondary colours from the first skein and make that the main colour in the second sock skein. Isn’t that brilliant?! So your two socks are complimentary, but not the same. Just…wow. My favourite colour scheme is arthur&guinevere. (Don’t even get me started on the pure awesomeness of their names!)


All knit up by needles and knits on ravelry


Now I saved this pattern quite a while ago, and just now found the absolute perfect wool at the frolic a few weeks ago. I’m making my little girl and I matching socks out of this. Just wait till I show you!
piece of my heart socks, which if you can believe it is a free pattern!


I’m going to knit ours in the sparkly hot pink turtle purl moonbeam yarn which is sparkly and omg cute. Pic to come.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday – let’s talk socks

  1. I have been eyeing that watermelon yarn for ages!! I spun some watermelon sock yarn fiber, but I still feel the urge for more watermelon 😛 a watermelon gradient is totally different from watermelon stripes.

  2. Sock fever has claimed another knitter. I love the hot pink sparkly yarn you got. I picked up the exact same at the frolic but in deep midnight blue. If I had seen that hot pink it would have been mine! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful socks.

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