Inspiration Monday – baby knits (it’s spring after all!)

I’m finally feeling springy today! Maybe it’s the sunlight streaming in the window, or the racket singing birds who have nested in our BBQ.

…Or it could be all the babies who are due any time now! Somehow, in my little local knitting group (I say little, but we are growing in leaps and bounds. We’re hovering around 20 members I think!) there are five of us of childbearing years. Three of those women are due to pop any minute now and other than a few uterus pangs, I’m glad I didn’t drink the water! (I’m more of a vodka/white wine girl, ha!)

Since I know hope some of those procreating ladies stop by here I won’t spill any finished gifts just yet. Instead, let’s have a stroll through some of my all time favourite baby knits!
Woooooo babies!!!! Double woooooo for babies you can give back when they cry!!!!

Saartjeknits’s Norwegian sweet baby cap just makes me sigh. How cute is this little hat?! And totally practical, covering ears and not likely to slip forward over eyes.


Tanis Fiber Arts’s Sproutlette dress makes my knees weak. I’m a sucker for the baby girls and this just…ahhh. Yes. Just…yes


elephant onsie, I mean, hello! Could it be any cuter?!? NO! It can’t. This is da shiznit


I *dies*
crochet baby goshalosh boots! these are simply…divine in their cuteness!


And last but not least…a guitardigan! I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for this pattern to be released, I so hope it’s before my big boy won’t find it cute anymore!


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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday – baby knits (it’s spring after all!)

  1. I am in the middle of baby knitting myself. On Hubster’s side of the family we had 1 great-niece in Feb, one due in July, and an unknown gender due in Oct. On the down hill side for the next niece, and then it’s clear the slate for the October baby. And the likely my side of the family will start with the baby making!! But I love baby stuff, so quick and adorable!

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