Spring toes in time for summer heat

I am so excited to finish these beauties…my very own socks!! Ive knit a few pairs previously, but they’ve all been gifts. Not these guys!! I shall wiggle my toes in glee if it wasn’t 30 degrees Celsius out the last three days, lol.

Nothing like finishing a long awaited knit project only to be foiled in fully appreciating it thanks to Mother Nature!

So help me enjoy these beauties because no way am I sticking my sweaty feet back in them!


The fish lips kiss heel was just perfect, nicely hugging but not confining my foot.


I did a much rounder toe than in previous socks! which I like. I’m a toe wiggler, there’s nothing I dislike more than squished toes! Throwback to my pointe shoe days probably, haha!


2.25 mm addi sock rocket needles
Sweet Georgia tough love sock yarn in lake shore drive.
Pattern is a modified ‘Rye’ by tin can knits

Everything else is on my ravelry project page!

Happy knitting! The knitting gods were looking down on me as one of my friends bought three balls of the cream wool I need to finish the teacher’s haruni!

Inspiration Monday – have you tested a pattern lately?

I’ve been lucky to snag some really great chances to test new patterns. I love test knitting, it’s such a great way to help out designers while scoring a free pattern! Remember over Christmas I test knit my Cascade Falls cardigan? Gorgeous cardi, free pattern, a bit of say in design…what’s not to love? I’ve test knit a few hats, bunny slippers, a scarf and now my newest test knit I’m casting on is abstract butterfly lace shawl


Isn’t it pretty? I’m using an emerald green malabrigo sock yarn. I think. Decisions decisions!

If I’m ever feeling in a knit slump I like to peruse the test knit forums on ravelry and see if any tickle my fancy. I visited this morning and found all these great patterns available to test!

new growth shawl

Such a great spine!

lagertha socks

Based on Lagertha’s braids on ‘Vikings’. Love the show, love the character’s braids, love these socks!

phryne pullover


Love how the lace panel forms the decreases in this raglan sweater. Inspired!

sumu shawl. I mean, hello, Fibonacci sequence?! Is this not perfect for a math lover? Or for your favourite angels & demons fan? Christmas gift?! DONE!


So many cool new pattern to test, and all for free! It’s a win-win situation!

FO Friday – different stripes

Before we begin, I’d like to toast whoever it was who discovered cashmere and thought to spin it up for our pleasure. Thank you, oh great one! It’s a winner.

different stripes for different types was a lesson in patience because that is a lot of garter in a sock weight wool! But it looks so fabulous it was worth every row


I can see this beauty with a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt curled up on the couch for a movie marathon


Or paired with a maxi dress on a cool spring day


Talk about versatility! Stripes has got it all, and I know it’s new owner is going to love it as much as I do.


I’ve got to say, I loved the way the pattern was written. Go download this bad boy (for free!) to see what I mean! It’s not every day you need to take a quiz before casting on


Oh, and you know what?
it’s my birthday!!


I like to think I still look like my gorgeous 17 year old self….
I’m twice that age today, so I’m going to celebrate every winkle with a marguerite! Take that tight, toned and youthful me! I get to drink now, moihahaha!

I am now that cautionary tale.

It seems I too like to live dangerously


Remember that gorgeous Filatura Di Crosa Zarina wool I raved about yesterday?
You know, this one?


Well it seems my gamble did not pay off and I am about half a ball short.

…And my LYS has no more.
…And there are none for sale on ravelry
…Canadian yarn stores in general.

Moral of the story?! Buy more wool!

WIP Wednesday- haruni for a great teacher

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for my lack of posts since last week, I’m afraid life got away from me and pow…it’s Wednesday again! I feel like I blinked and missed it!
This was a much celebrated long weekend in these parts, the official kick off to summer weekends and yours truly enjoyed every fleeting second. There may have been one two three multiple bottles of wine drank to celebrate ye olde Victoria Day, haha! Not unsurprisingly, in related knitting news, I had to pull back 8 rows of lace on my current project….oups!
Let’s all say it together…don’t drink and knit lace!

Speaking of lace…tada! My modified Haruni is shaping up nicely! It’s the end-of-year present for my daughter’s fabulous kindergarten teacher. I hope she loves it!

Miles of stockinette went pretty quickly. I elongated the shawl from a typical triangle by increasing 4 stitches on the RS and 2 stitches on the WS. got me to the required 249 stitches much faster, so yay for that!


Before I go on, I just have to say I am in love with this wool. It’s soft and gorgeous and a great price! If you haven’t tried filature zarina get thee a ball…or five. It’s gorgeous.

I mean, hello!

So I obviously modified haruni to not have lace in the body, which lead to the drunken miss-knitting of the beginning of the lace. The middle section?
Hates me.


I cannot count YO’s after wine-ing. Nope. not.at.all. Somehow my wine counting ended up with me having about triple the YO’s. I mean..wha?!

Thankfully pulling back was easy, just time consuming, and the second attempt yielded the proper numbers. Phew!


Now the problem is I need to go buy another wool, because typically…I’m almost out. Oups!

But hey…


WIP Wednesday – it’s the yarn that goes on and on my friend…

More of the never ending story round these parts I’m afraid! Working two fingering weight yarn projects is not exactly prime for progress shots, ha!
The good news is I’m on the home stretch for both my spring socks and the custom stripes. Now if I could only buckle down and be monogamous to one of these projects, id be golden! How to choose…how to choose

My spring socks are still making me smile, and are the ideal ‘sitting outside supervising three kids and trying to avoid a sunburn’ project.


I’ve done the second heel and gone a few inches down the foot since my last spring sock update.


As much as I love TAAT socks, I do miss how much more quickly you see progress on only one!


I was going gang busters on stripes this weekend. I blasted through right up to the keyhole row


…Where I got to the part about a double YO which you knit into once while dropping the second yo to create the keyhole to thread the tail into. It just…doesn’t seem big enough to me. I’m worried there will be too much pressure and the yarn will snap. I hate when I doubt the pattern!


I’ve been tossing around different ideas on how to make a larger keyhole. Help?

Aldo distracting me this week? Netflix. it has fresh prince of bel-air. I can’t be held responsible for the pile O’ dishes and laundry when I need to revisit my youth! That’s in humane!

…Someone feed the kids, k?

Inspiration Monday – let’s talk socks

This time of year my brain starts trying to make hot weather into knitting weather. I couldn’t condone not knitting at all, but there is something inherently wrong with getting a sunburn while knitting a sweater. Or a tuque. Yes, even my beloved hats don’t do it for me during the summer (but I’m a Gemini, so of course I’ve knit a hat…during a heat wave. Rules are made to be broken!). So. Socks it is. I love having a pair tucked in my bag for knitting on the go. I just had to share the socks that are making me moan this spring

watermelon self-stripping socks?! Yes please!


If this isnt perfection…


These ones just blow my mind. opposites attract , they take one skein, and split it in half. Then they use one of the secondary colours from the first skein and make that the main colour in the second sock skein. Isn’t that brilliant?! So your two socks are complimentary, but not the same. Just…wow. My favourite colour scheme is arthur&guinevere. (Don’t even get me started on the pure awesomeness of their names!)


All knit up by needles and knits on ravelry


Now I saved this pattern quite a while ago, and just now found the absolute perfect wool at the frolic a few weeks ago. I’m making my little girl and I matching socks out of this. Just wait till I show you!
piece of my heart socks, which if you can believe it is a free pattern!


I’m going to knit ours in the sparkly hot pink turtle purl moonbeam yarn which is sparkly and omg cute. Pic to come.

Gingko crescent all done!

I am that parent. No gift card for end of year present, I’m so sorry Mme. S! I just can’t when presents give me a chance to buy wool! And knit a new pattern!! And take pictures!! And did I mention more wool? And a new pattern?! Woooo! …and breath

Haha! ok, seriously though, I am happy to be done before the deadline. See, Mme. S is due at the end of May with bebe deux, so I was racing a wee newborn towards the light. I’m pretty sure I won, but shhhh, don’t say anything until tomorrow when she will receive it. Those babies like to keep us guessing!

The dirty details…
Gingko crescent was a quick knit for a lace edge shawl, and took way less mileage that I had prepared for my wool.

Look-y look-y, isn’t she pretty?!


I’m really happy with the lace edge, it’s just simple enough to do quickly but eye catching enough not to be boring


It’s not quite as long as I’d like, I could have easily thrown another lace repeat in. I like to tuck the ends in when I wear it like a scarf and this just isn’t quite long enough

(Is it weird I modeled a gift?! I’m a little shutter happy)

It was also my first time using this wool, diamond luxury foot, which was totally Affordable, and more importantly, washable (a must for gift giving!), but it’s not as soft as you’d expect 90% merino to be. Plus it has a very distinct twist (spinners help me out here) that I’m not sure how I feel about. I might buy it again for socks, but I’m not sold on it for shawls.

Still, pretty purple!


I hope my big boy’s teacher enjoys it :). I whipped up a pair of booties for her new wee one too. Cause…omg BABY BOOTIES!!!! (Sorry, had to get that out!)


Doing my traditional linking up with yarn along!

Inspiration Monday – baby knits (it’s spring after all!)

I’m finally feeling springy today! Maybe it’s the sunlight streaming in the window, or the racket singing birds who have nested in our BBQ.

…Or it could be all the babies who are due any time now! Somehow, in my little local knitting group (I say little, but we are growing in leaps and bounds. We’re hovering around 20 members I think!) there are five of us of childbearing years. Three of those women are due to pop any minute now and other than a few uterus pangs, I’m glad I didn’t drink the water! (I’m more of a vodka/white wine girl, ha!)

Since I know hope some of those procreating ladies stop by here I won’t spill any finished gifts just yet. Instead, let’s have a stroll through some of my all time favourite baby knits!
Woooooo babies!!!! Double woooooo for babies you can give back when they cry!!!!

Saartjeknits’s Norwegian sweet baby cap just makes me sigh. How cute is this little hat?! And totally practical, covering ears and not likely to slip forward over eyes.


Tanis Fiber Arts’s Sproutlette dress makes my knees weak. I’m a sucker for the baby girls and this just…ahhh. Yes. Just…yes


elephant onsie, I mean, hello! Could it be any cuter?!? NO! It can’t. This is da shiznit


I *dies*
crochet baby goshalosh boots! these are simply…divine in their cuteness!


And last but not least…a guitardigan! I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for this pattern to be released, I so hope it’s before my big boy won’t find it cute anymore!


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Silver lining in every cloud

I’m in the midst of one of those knits that you want to throw in a mud puddle curse loudly and creatively at shove in the bottom of my WIPs box. But I can’t because it’s a custom order and dammit I can do this! The most disheartening thing is that it’s not fancy lace, or even complicated cables. It’s simple garter stitch and I.am.going.bananas.

First shot, I slipped the last stitch for a clean edge, but that messed up my stripes.


Second shot I cleaned up my colour changes, keep the slipped stitch edge but…misread the pattern and was increasing every other row instead of every fourth row.


So now, I am determined to get this right, because dammit it’s a simple garter stitch triangle! I can do this!

As my friend pointed out, there is a silver lining. The wool? The fabulous resistant, doesn’t mind being frogged twice…

Is cashmere and silk. yum


And coupled with that aqua colour…beauty


I tried to convince myself I didn’t need to frog the second attempt. I’d knit to row 180. It was a lot of garter knitting. But I did pull it back and seeing the proper elongated triangle, I am happy but it really is a better look.

…old and busted


…new hotness.


It’s a different stripe for different types scarf, knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Red label, which is a wool/cashmere/silk fingering weight. (Like a cloud). 4 mm needles.


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of garter to do!