WIP Wednesday- grass toes

I hope you are all dry and warm right now. ‘Sprinter’/second winter has hit with a vengeance and we are getting slammed with wind and rain going sideways. Fun times waiting at the bus stop, let me tell you! In the midst of this, I’ve been plugging away at my socks. My anti-knitting block project šŸ™‚


There were not many projects on ravelry using this colour way, so I wasn’t sure how it would knit up. I bought this skein in the fall at the KW knitters fair. Just fell head over heels in love with the colours and couldn’t walk away. Just looking at it all caked up makes me smile. I’m glad I finally cast on because the colours are still making me all warm and tingly inside. I chose a simple pattern so I could bring these everywhere. Tin can knits Rye sock pattern has been on my radar since it was released. It’s the perfect traveling sock pattern! Once I started knitting it up, the name came to me. …

It looks just like grass!


I did the legs two-at-a-time, then separated for the heels. I did a fish lips kiss heel which I really love. Gives a great fit and doing the twin stitch short rows leaves zero gaps. I’ve never had much luck with wrap/turn short rows so this pleases me to no end!



I’m tempted to just power through the foot on this one sock just to get it on my tootsies before second spring arrives!



30 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- grass toes

    • I can’t say enough good things about this heel. It’s fabulous and easy. The author gives a great run down on how to properly size socks to feet too, it’s a great go-to resource for sock knitters.

  1. Sprinter – how appropriate! I like your socks. Warm enough for the “winter” we are still in, but colorful enough to invite the “Spring”.

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