Inspiration Monday : when you find your tribe

There is nothing more inspirational then being around people that inspire you, encourage you and just plain ‘get’ you. This past weekend I got lucky and got a whole bunch of all of it!
This weekend was the knitters frolic and my bestie Christina over at A babys smile knits and I road tripped to the frolic.
We were more this a bit excited!


The delights were endless. I could have fallen down and sniffed the Soak wool wash forever! And I might have plunged both hands wrist deep into some of the softest quivuit/cashmere fleece known to knitter kind. And I may…may have skipped through the halls giggling hysterically while fondling my purchases. But can you blame me when TFA, sweet Georgia and turtle purl wools fell in love with me and demanded I bring them home?!?


I think though, that the best part was the sense of community. I came away with many new ravelry friends and great conversations with my local girls


Of course the adventures didn’t end with our romp through the frolic…oh no it didn’t. Turns out, plug in coolers will drain a car battery in no time! Haha, yay for CAA!


You might be wondering why we had a plug in cooler in the car…well, Christina and I had booked ourselves a sweet weekend away at a resort up north!
How can you help but be relaxed when this is the view?


We even had to set up an impromptu winding station so we could dive right into our goods


And we might have spent all day in bed…knitting and eating. How’s that for delightfully wicked! Of course, we did leave bed for food. And ice cream. Mmmm kawartha ice cream!


Monday it’s back to reality…school lunches, and laundry and dirty dishes. and toddler snuggles, little girls in pink tutus and big boys who still try to climb on your lap. Not too shabby 😉


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday : when you find your tribe

  1. I always love your Monday posts – they’re so cheerful on a grey day like today 🙂 What a wonderful weekend! Not getting out of bed all day, just staying there and stitching, sounds absolutely perfect. Yarn, ice-cream and laughter. What more could anyone want?!

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