WIP Wednesday – knitters block.

I think I have knitters block. Is that even a thing? Cause I’m making it a thing. Cause it’s gotta be a thing.
I sat for an hour looking at my best-of-best stash box last night and didn’t cast on a single thing. I had my needle box open, ready to be put to use and….nothing. I’ve got enough wool to insulate a Canadian house! But I didn’t have what I was looking for. I don’t know what I was looking for, but it wasn’t in there. It wasn’t in the second-best box either. This mystical wool i was searching is somewhere, just not here. I’ll knot it when I see it.

How does one work past a knitters block? I could work on my purple Gingko crescent ,but I’m starting the lace and, well, lace + kids isn’t the brightest idea. I also have a long dormant Lilac Wish shawl with the beautiful birthday hand spun but same problem. I don’t generally don’t have many WIPs at the same time, bring a product knitter certainly helps in that department!

It’s not all bleak though, because you know what this weekend is….the Toronto Knitters Frolic! there’s no way being in a crowd of knitters with wool as far as the eyes can see won’t snap me out of the doldrums! And even better….wait for it, wait for it…Christina (A baby’s smile knits) and I have booked ourselves a resort weekend away!!! No I am not kidding! 48 hours of blissful kid free quiet! We are going to knit, sleep, knit, eat, knit, swim and throw in dome sporadic napping no doubt. Oh the pure bliss! …it’s ok the be jealous 😉

And so I don’t bore you all without a single knitting picture (it is a knitting blog after all)…
Here my very first lace project!
215 yards of heaven
Like the addict I am, I started with a single skein I fell in love with


After searching for just the right pattern, I cast on


And I couldn’t be happier with the final shawllette!


I wear it on the days I need a shot of intense colour. Which is more often that you think, lol!


So have you ever had knitters block? How did you work through it?


37 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – knitters block.

  1. Gorgeous first lace! In my experience, being “blocked” in a creative endeavor means that I need to do something else for awhile. It’s a sign to go spin, sew, draw, embroider, write… something else for a bit. I’m primarily a knitter, but the occasional dips into other creative areas really refresh my knitting.

  2. Oh yes, it is most definitely a thing! I call mine “knitting slumps” and I find it’s best to keep working on projects – the trick is to find the right project to break the slump! This is when being multi-craftual can come in handy; I have often broken my knitting slumps by focusing more on spinning or crochet (and vice versa). Good luck!

    • Ohhhh, spinning is sounding more and more attractive! I never thought it was my thing (take away from knitting time?!) but all these great blogs with spinning are tickling my fancy! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  3. Oh I know that feeling of being blocked too. Usually the only thing I can do is letting go of the pressure and start doing something totally different like going on a nice long cycling trip or have a chat to one of my non-crafty (!) friends 🙂
    The lace is amazing – like intense water colours!

  4. Wow. I love that yarn. Gorgeous shawlette! Knitters block is tough. I think the Frolic is exactly what you need to pull through. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  5. I’ve got a bit of knitters block at the moment too….I can’t decide what I want to make. I want to try a sweater but nothing is jumping out at me and thoughts of choosing yarn….ahhh. I think I’ll take the advice other people suggested and try something else for a few days and wait for inspiration.
    I’m amazed that at how beautiful that little shawl is and the depth of colours that came from that one skein of yarn ….wow!

  6. Knitter’s Block is totally a thing. Been there, done that.

    Usually, I’ll cast on a very simple project, like a dishcloth or a vanilla sock, and this gets the creative juices flowing.

    That shawlette is beautiful! My friend recently bought a cake of yarn with those exact colors to make her baby a dress.

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