FO Friday – Spruce needs buttons!

So excited to have this monster finished! Now Don’t get me wrong, I lurve it. Shes a real beaut…soft, squishy, warm.

She’s going to be great next year in the hockey rinks, and the bus stop and all the cold places I’ll be.

But man-o-man if I see a 4×2 rib in the next few weeks I might go cross-eyed!

So now spruce needs some buttons. 8 of them. I can’t decide which direction to go. Bright? Bold? Wood? Sparkly? Dark?

Just a reminder, here’s the colour of spruce…


Here’s some of what I’m thinking…tell me what you think!



funky floral fabric


natural juniper


Or maybe some grey chevrons


Help help!


15 thoughts on “FO Friday – Spruce needs buttons!

  1. Hi Amanda, the cowl looks super; having done the cowl in brick, I know what you mean about the rib! I found a very good match with several choices, at the fabric shop by the foundry. Entry somewhat weird, Connor would love it. Bonnie

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