WIP Wednesday- Gingko Crescent Shawl

Allo! We’re in the midst of second winter round these parts, and I’m pleased to report spring didn’t fool me this year…I left enough woolies out to keep us warm until spring comes back! I’m just that good, lol! The kids were not pleased to put their snow pants back on, but alas, that’s sprinter for you.

Right now I’m working on my oldest son’s teacher end-of-year present. She’s a wonderful teacher and we’ve really enjoyed having her this year. Unfortunately for us, she’s having a baby and leaving mid-May. My poor uterus is very jealous of her soon snuggling a newborn. *sigh* I ❀ babies.
I thought at first to knit her a little layette, but then I remembered how much as a new mom I appreciate a few thoughtful things just for me. After diving into my pattern stash, I came up with Gingko crescent shawl and just fell in love with it! It looks like a great knit.

I cast on yesterday, and am making good progress on the stockinette body


I’m at 131 stitches out of 171.

I started out using my knitters pride birch interchangeable in 4mm, but it just didn’t work for this wool. It’s Diamond luxury collection foot loose, 90%superwash merino, 10% nylon. It was just…squeaky (?) On the wood. And sticky. And just not nice. So I switched over to my 4mm metal knitters prides and it’s made a big difference.


Since I’m not in the lace section yet, my favourite part is the yo increases, it looks pretty nice! I decided to slip the last stitch so make a neater edge, I couldn’t help myself.


Hope everyone is having a good day!
I’ll leave you with a bit of FO eye candy….I’m enjoying wearing my spring hat, sea beanie, I made last year. Just the right amount of wool for this weather!



23 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- Gingko Crescent Shawl

  1. sprinter – thats funny, never heard that before!
    how thoughtful a present for your son’s teacher, and such a great color.
    the color of the sea beanie really suits the name!!

    • Haha, I can’t claim ‘sprinter’, I saw it on Facebook yesterday but thought it was absolutely perfect!
      Thanks! Her fav colour is purple and when I saw that wool I just had to get it, I’m a sucker for bold jewel tones.

  2. gorgeous yarn and love the pattern! I knit mostly on metal needles. however for socks I’ve switched to wooden because I am a tight gripper when it comes to dpn knitting, who knew? Lovely yarn bowl as well!

    • Thank you! I’m a super tight stockinette knitter, but in the round I’m average, I’m kind of a freak,lol. I knit socks of metal double loop, but I think I’d love to try the square wood needles I’ve heard about for socks. Cubics I think? That yarn bowl is actually from a set of wood salad bowl I received at my wedding 11 years ago! The tall sides makes it perfect for corralling balls of wool.

    • Thanks! Me too, it’s perfect for spring, or the hockey rink in winter, but not quite thick enough for full winter wearing. The wool is mallard by tanis fiber arts in the DK yellow label wool. I fell in love with the wool first, lol

  3. Ooo that’s a pretty pattern, what a lovely gift to make πŸ™‚ Your hat looks great, I keep meaning to make the Sea Princess cardigan from that set but need to find the time and the patience to work my way through the charts :-S

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