Inspiration Monday: knitting outside the box

Now that spring has sprung, and it has, because Even though it’s going to snow tomorrow, and there are still nary a flower bud in my garden, to save all of our sanitizes, it’s spring. Has to be.
So. Now that it’s spring (ha!) and we can pack away our warmest woolies (ha! Ha!) it’s time to bust out those projects that has been waiting for this lull. No pressure to get that hat done, or those mitts…you’re free. Free to knit…outside the box.
What the hay am I talking about!? Well, all those fun, sassy, quirky and interesting non-warm projects.

On my list?

Lolita legs. Because I’ve been married for 11 years and dammit these are awesome!


A fake boob or two..or maybe even three! You can never have too many knit boobs, lol! I have a doula friend who thinks this is just the ticket for breast feeding demonstrations


Or perhaps a shark beer cozie, because that’s just hilarious!


Or what about my poor phone… it doesn’t have a hoodie yet!


Or even, and I do really love these, Celtic heart necklaces


This time of year is just perfect to bust out of your typical knit box and have some fun with your needles 🙂

Linking up…



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