WIP no longer Wednesday- Lush, she is done!

I am in my happy place, let me tell you ladies. This beautiful sweater, which has already had two blog post (here and here), more than deserves this third post, where I can rave about her gorgeousness and show off her beautiful stitches. Cause damn there were a lot, a lot, of stitches. DK weight wool is no easy mistress in my size, let me tell you! A dozen meters shy of five freaking full skeins of malabrigo. Uh-huh.

Drumroll please….


TADA!!! Check out that beautiful lace panel. The drape of that fine fabric


The barely noticeable colour variations in the random skeins I managed to hunt down!


Just beautiful!

To think the random decision to turn one lonely skein of mistake wool (I bought sock yarn, got send the arroyo by mistake but decided to keep it)
From this…


To this (where, ok, I admit, it did sit for months, and months and…ok…months)


To the beautiful finished sweater is a labour of love.


So. I know what you knitters want…the dirty details!
Wool: malabrigo arroyo in the azules colour way
Needles: 4mm for everything but the button bands, which were 3.25mm
I alternated between two skeins for the stockinette body (armpits down) but did not for the sleeves.

Mods: arms are an inch shorter. Body is an inch longer, and there are 10 extra stitches in both armpits/arms. No buttons on button band. I don’t close my sweaters.

If there was one thing I could change (because let’s face it, nothing is perfect even with hundreds of hours of time put it…or maybe because of them) I would make the neck yoke smaller by doing more decrease rows before the ribbing. It’s too wide and loose for my liking. That’s it!

The design is flawless, pattern was wonderful and the construction was fabulous!

Now don’t mind me if I sleep in it for the next year, lol!

I’m linking up with some fab link parties this week! Check out all the great links posted over at yarn along, wow me Wednesday , someday crafts, and last but not least, made by me , Tami!


50 thoughts on “WIP no longer Wednesday- Lush, she is done!

  1. That is a lovely sweater! Great work. I’m a beginner knitter with only a scarf yet to show for my work. That sweater looks very nice on you.

  2. your sweater is absolutely beautiful! I love the color and the drape and the fit. The lace yoke is perfect with all of the stockinette πŸ™‚ Well done!

  3. Yes – this sweater deserves a bunch of posts and pictures. It is a work of art. I love the pattern and the yarn you chose. I know when I finish a sweater for myself, because I too am larger sized, I want to have a parade! Wear it well.

    • Thanks! Isn’t it crazy how well they blended?! I can pick out some seams, but for the most part, not bad considering the skeins came from Florida, Colorado and Minnesota! You should go for it, I’m loving wearing my hand made sweaters…so incredibly warm and snuggly πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ in the grand scheme of things I’m a relative new knitter (picked up my first pair of needles ~5 yrs ago) so to be able to create wearing garments still blows my mind, heh!

  4. It is beautiful!!! I love Arroyo, having just finished a shawl in the Vaa colorway. But not sure I want to take on a sweater in it! Give me worsted weight, lots quicker. LOL!

    • Lol, ain’t that the truth! As I was knitting…knitting…knitting I questioned my sanity many times, lol. Especially my size, this was no 36″ bust cardigan, haha! But I’ll do anything once. My next sweater is going to be made with bulky, ha!

  5. oh my – I just happened to bounce over from Ginny’s and I am so glad I did – I LOVE the sweater! The color is fabulous and you look stunning in the sweater.

    I bounced around a bit here – your projects are great and your children look adorable; will definitely bounce some more when I have time – lol


  6. Found you from Small Things blog. Beautiful – BEAUTIFUL job on this sweater!! I’m a big gal too, and haven’t been brave enough to do a sweater for me. You go girl!

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