Inspirational Monday – yarn storage!

Alright ladies, let’s be frank. Most of us probably have a rather well developed yarn stash. It’s ok, I understand. You’re amongst friends here, no judgement. I might have just found a skein tucked up in an old flower vase above the fridge. It happens to the best of us. There might be a ball of wool in my pillowcase my bra drawer my scrapbooking bag a brown paper bag on my couch since I went to the yarn store today. Oupsies! Lol…see? It’s ok, I understand.

So let’s have a wee look at how some others have organized their stashes. At least parts if them, I can’t believe people can fit their whole stash in one picture!

It’s that cute? easy makes me happy has got a little selection of her stash displayed!

Of course, repurposing a wine cabinet is an option…

*sigh* I remember when my stash would have fit in there. Good times, good times.

This is interesting, using an over-the-door shoe caddy!

…I’m sure if they used NASA plastics and I didn’t have hollow cardboard doors that would fold like origami under the weight this might work!

These sweater caddies are actually kinda cool

…I wonder if my kids really need their closets? It’s not like their clothes aren’t just shed onto the floor where they stay until my right eye starts twitching and I make dire threats of them going to school naked unless they get picked up and put in the dirty laundry hampers and…what was I talking about again?

These ikea hanging bins are great looking


…As long as the balls don’t decide to start mating inside those sections and create little minions of ball knots. Cause that happens.

So where’s your stash?

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6 thoughts on “Inspirational Monday – yarn storage!

  1. My stash lives in a small upstairs bedroom closet. The kind with double doors. From floor to almost ceiling it’s stuffed with Iris carts, plastic bins, bags, and baskets of yarn. Then there are baskets strewn all over the downstairs from when I thought I was going to use that yarn for something, but didn’t and hate to have to walk it back upstairs and try to fit it back in a drawer or basket. And then there are the UFOs lingering in baskets waiting for me to return to them. I can think of 5 baskets holding yarns and UFOs off the top of my head. Eek! Spring cleaning needs to happen here.

  2. All those closet-related hanging devices are interesting options. I’m boring and just keep my stash in plastic tubs, with some ‘select’ skeins in a 3-drawer plastic container. It takes a good deal of labeling to remember where everything is, it isn’t ideal and definitely not as pretty as these options!

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