FO Friday – lush is blocking!

Hip hip hooray!! Ms. Lush is blocking away on my kitchen table,spread out in all her glory! Drying will take forever though, we currently have the grossest drizzly weather, boo. And trying to keep three kids away from her is going to give me a nervous breakdown!

So while I sit and watch paint dry, here’s a project I finished in a record four days this past summer.
strawberry jam was a project for my mother-in-law that had a lot of meaning. My mother-in-law had a close group of girlfriends who, once a year, got together for a weekend to make jam. These two women were her closest bosom buddies and I know she just loved her jam weekends. Unfortunately the world lost those two amazing women too soon. This past august when I heard of the second friend’s passing I knew I needed to do something. I found the pattern ‘strawberry’ on ravelry and it was just meant to be. I had 4 days before the funeral, so I knit day and knit. Strawberry jam was born


Knit with classic elite alpaca sox yarn on 4mm is is just divine.


The stockinette body had little gathers like strawberry seeds


And the lace edging had full strawberries


The colour was just perfect too, and looked great on my mother-in-law


….the one and only time she could wear it. Turns out…
she’s allergic to alpaca!
It’s the thought that counts, right? Haha



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