WIP Wednesday- grass toes

I hope you are all dry and warm right now. ‘Sprinter’/second winter has hit with a vengeance and we are getting slammed with wind and rain going sideways. Fun times waiting at the bus stop, let me tell you! In the midst of this, I’ve been plugging away at my socks. My anti-knitting block project 🙂


There were not many projects on ravelry using this colour way, so I wasn’t sure how it would knit up. I bought this skein in the fall at the KW knitters fair. Just fell head over heels in love with the colours and couldn’t walk away. Just looking at it all caked up makes me smile. I’m glad I finally cast on because the colours are still making me all warm and tingly inside. I chose a simple pattern so I could bring these everywhere. Tin can knits Rye sock pattern has been on my radar since it was released. It’s the perfect traveling sock pattern! Once I started knitting it up, the name came to me. …

It looks just like grass!


I did the legs two-at-a-time, then separated for the heels. I did a fish lips kiss heel which I really love. Gives a great fit and doing the twin stitch short rows leaves zero gaps. I’ve never had much luck with wrap/turn short rows so this pleases me to no end!



I’m tempted to just power through the foot on this one sock just to get it on my tootsies before second spring arrives!


Inspiration Monday : when you find your tribe

There is nothing more inspirational then being around people that inspire you, encourage you and just plain ‘get’ you. This past weekend I got lucky and got a whole bunch of all of it!
This weekend was the knitters frolic and my bestie Christina over at A babys smile knits and I road tripped to the frolic.
We were more this a bit excited!


The delights were endless. I could have fallen down and sniffed the Soak wool wash forever! And I might have plunged both hands wrist deep into some of the softest quivuit/cashmere fleece known to knitter kind. And I may…may have skipped through the halls giggling hysterically while fondling my purchases. But can you blame me when TFA, sweet Georgia and turtle purl wools fell in love with me and demanded I bring them home?!?


I think though, that the best part was the sense of community. I came away with many new ravelry friends and great conversations with my local girls


Of course the adventures didn’t end with our romp through the frolic…oh no it didn’t. Turns out, plug in coolers will drain a car battery in no time! Haha, yay for CAA!


You might be wondering why we had a plug in cooler in the car…well, Christina and I had booked ourselves a sweet weekend away at a resort up north!
How can you help but be relaxed when this is the view?


We even had to set up an impromptu winding station so we could dive right into our goods


And we might have spent all day in bed…knitting and eating. How’s that for delightfully wicked! Of course, we did leave bed for food. And ice cream. Mmmm kawartha ice cream!


Monday it’s back to reality…school lunches, and laundry and dirty dishes. and toddler snuggles, little girls in pink tutus and big boys who still try to climb on your lap. Not too shabby 😉

WIP Wednesday – knitters block.

I think I have knitters block. Is that even a thing? Cause I’m making it a thing. Cause it’s gotta be a thing.
I sat for an hour looking at my best-of-best stash box last night and didn’t cast on a single thing. I had my needle box open, ready to be put to use and….nothing. I’ve got enough wool to insulate a Canadian house! But I didn’t have what I was looking for. I don’t know what I was looking for, but it wasn’t in there. It wasn’t in the second-best box either. This mystical wool i was searching is somewhere, just not here. I’ll knot it when I see it.

How does one work past a knitters block? I could work on my purple Gingko crescent ,but I’m starting the lace and, well, lace + kids isn’t the brightest idea. I also have a long dormant Lilac Wish shawl with the beautiful birthday hand spun but same problem. I don’t generally don’t have many WIPs at the same time, bring a product knitter certainly helps in that department!

It’s not all bleak though, because you know what this weekend is….the Toronto Knitters Frolic! there’s no way being in a crowd of knitters with wool as far as the eyes can see won’t snap me out of the doldrums! And even better….wait for it, wait for it…Christina (A baby’s smile knits) and I have booked ourselves a resort weekend away!!! No I am not kidding! 48 hours of blissful kid free quiet! We are going to knit, sleep, knit, eat, knit, swim and throw in dome sporadic napping no doubt. Oh the pure bliss! …it’s ok the be jealous 😉

And so I don’t bore you all without a single knitting picture (it is a knitting blog after all)…
Here my very first lace project!
215 yards of heaven
Like the addict I am, I started with a single skein I fell in love with


After searching for just the right pattern, I cast on


And I couldn’t be happier with the final shawllette!


I wear it on the days I need a shot of intense colour. Which is more often that you think, lol!


So have you ever had knitters block? How did you work through it?

Inspiration Monday- what’s new in my queue

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend full of yummy food and family. And lots and lots of knitting time!
My family spent much of the weekend outside playing with the kids, and I got burnt to a crisp. #gingerproblems, lol. I might have had a few nostalgic thoughts of winter and full body clothing before my neighbours beat them out of me!…I’m not totally kidding either…lol!

Today I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my ravelry favourites queue this week. Feel free to friend me over there if you’re on rav!

I’m excited to cast on avdifferent stripes for different types scarf next week! In the exact colours too. It’s a special order, helping to plump up my wool money 😉


Next up is the fabulous indie dyer Expressions fiber . A knit group friend turned me on to her this week and I had a great time perusing her site!


the Hudson infinity cowl caught my eye this week, I love the simple colour block style going on. Plus I have a weakness for infinity cowls, lol!


The ombré look of the drawing nigh shawl is so gorgeous I just had to save it. What a great way to use a bunch of smaller skeins!


Nananne’s Lola hat caught my eye, how stunning is this! Just beautiful! I’m a sucker for a great hat, and this one has my fingers itching to cast on


So that’s what’s new in my eye candy files this week!

FO Friday – Spruce needs buttons!

So excited to have this monster finished! Now Don’t get me wrong, I lurve it. Shes a real beaut…soft, squishy, warm.

She’s going to be great next year in the hockey rinks, and the bus stop and all the cold places I’ll be.

But man-o-man if I see a 4×2 rib in the next few weeks I might go cross-eyed!

So now spruce needs some buttons. 8 of them. I can’t decide which direction to go. Bright? Bold? Wood? Sparkly? Dark?

Just a reminder, here’s the colour of spruce…


Here’s some of what I’m thinking…tell me what you think!



funky floral fabric


natural juniper


Or maybe some grey chevrons


Help help!

WIP Wednesday- Gingko Crescent Shawl

Allo! We’re in the midst of second winter round these parts, and I’m pleased to report spring didn’t fool me this year…I left enough woolies out to keep us warm until spring comes back! I’m just that good, lol! The kids were not pleased to put their snow pants back on, but alas, that’s sprinter for you.

Right now I’m working on my oldest son’s teacher end-of-year present. She’s a wonderful teacher and we’ve really enjoyed having her this year. Unfortunately for us, she’s having a baby and leaving mid-May. My poor uterus is very jealous of her soon snuggling a newborn. *sigh* I ❤ babies.
I thought at first to knit her a little layette, but then I remembered how much as a new mom I appreciate a few thoughtful things just for me. After diving into my pattern stash, I came up with Gingko crescent shawl and just fell in love with it! It looks like a great knit.

I cast on yesterday, and am making good progress on the stockinette body


I’m at 131 stitches out of 171.

I started out using my knitters pride birch interchangeable in 4mm, but it just didn’t work for this wool. It’s Diamond luxury collection foot loose, 90%superwash merino, 10% nylon. It was just…squeaky (?) On the wood. And sticky. And just not nice. So I switched over to my 4mm metal knitters prides and it’s made a big difference.


Since I’m not in the lace section yet, my favourite part is the yo increases, it looks pretty nice! I decided to slip the last stitch so make a neater edge, I couldn’t help myself.


Hope everyone is having a good day!
I’ll leave you with a bit of FO eye candy….I’m enjoying wearing my spring hat, sea beanie, I made last year. Just the right amount of wool for this weather!


Inspiration Monday: knitting outside the box

Now that spring has sprung, and it has, because Even though it’s going to snow tomorrow, and there are still nary a flower bud in my garden, to save all of our sanitizes, it’s spring. Has to be.
So. Now that it’s spring (ha!) and we can pack away our warmest woolies (ha! Ha!) it’s time to bust out those projects that has been waiting for this lull. No pressure to get that hat done, or those mitts…you’re free. Free to knit…outside the box.
What the hay am I talking about!? Well, all those fun, sassy, quirky and interesting non-warm projects.

On my list?

Lolita legs. Because I’ve been married for 11 years and dammit these are awesome!


A fake boob or two..or maybe even three! You can never have too many knit boobs, lol! I have a doula friend who thinks this is just the ticket for breast feeding demonstrations


Or perhaps a shark beer cozie, because that’s just hilarious!


Or what about my poor phone… it doesn’t have a hoodie yet!


Or even, and I do really love these, Celtic heart necklaces


This time of year is just perfect to bust out of your typical knit box and have some fun with your needles 🙂

Linking up…


FO Friday- purple French cancan shawl

Good morning! It’s an exciting day in these parts…we have a newly minted six year old!


She is an amazingly sweet, thoughtful, smart, stubborn, decisive, gorgeous little ball of pink. And I love her so :).

In knitting news, I have a finished project to share that just came off the blocking wires! A purple bamboo French Cancan shawl that was custom ordered by a friend of the family after seeing my green cancan.


Isn’t she a beauty?!

4 full balls of Sidar snuggly baby bamboo DK. Such a great bamboo/wool mix, I’ve used it numerous times and have always been happy with the end product.


Knit on 4 mm needles, the garter stitch is squishy and the lace/cables have great definition


This is a project you are going to want right next to your skin. So soft and pretty!


And hello! Drapes like a dream!

WIP no longer Wednesday- Lush, she is done!

I am in my happy place, let me tell you ladies. This beautiful sweater, which has already had two blog post (here and here), more than deserves this third post, where I can rave about her gorgeousness and show off her beautiful stitches. Cause damn there were a lot, a lot, of stitches. DK weight wool is no easy mistress in my size, let me tell you! A dozen meters shy of five freaking full skeins of malabrigo. Uh-huh.

Drumroll please….


TADA!!! Check out that beautiful lace panel. The drape of that fine fabric


The barely noticeable colour variations in the random skeins I managed to hunt down!


Just beautiful!

To think the random decision to turn one lonely skein of mistake wool (I bought sock yarn, got send the arroyo by mistake but decided to keep it)
From this…


To this (where, ok, I admit, it did sit for months, and months and…ok…months)


To the beautiful finished sweater is a labour of love.


So. I know what you knitters want…the dirty details!
Wool: malabrigo arroyo in the azules colour way
Needles: 4mm for everything but the button bands, which were 3.25mm
I alternated between two skeins for the stockinette body (armpits down) but did not for the sleeves.

Mods: arms are an inch shorter. Body is an inch longer, and there are 10 extra stitches in both armpits/arms. No buttons on button band. I don’t close my sweaters.

If there was one thing I could change (because let’s face it, nothing is perfect even with hundreds of hours of time put it…or maybe because of them) I would make the neck yoke smaller by doing more decrease rows before the ribbing. It’s too wide and loose for my liking. That’s it!

The design is flawless, pattern was wonderful and the construction was fabulous!

Now don’t mind me if I sleep in it for the next year, lol!

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