WIP Wednesday- when good gauge goes bad

Aka: spruce cowl, take two.

You guys remember my pretty spruce cowl , right?

Well. I finished the first skein! And Russian joined the second skein!
…then I went to knit night and re-saw my inspiration spruce cowl knit by a friend.
And it was squishy
…like a marshmallow.

My spruce? This full skein and a bit of rather gorgeous berroco vintage knit and knit (and knit) during some intense hockey games? And ringette games? And ballet classes? And swimming lessons? (Which, actually, all happened in one week, I might be being a wee bit overly dramatic)

Ya, that’s the one. It was neither squishy, not marshmellowy. Where did I go wrong?

Well my dears, I did a simple thing wrong. I knit my vintage to the gauge on the tag. Not the gauge of the patterns. Ugh, rookie mistake!
I couldn’t bear to frog all that work right away, soI thought an experiment was in order. I frogged just the second skein, and then CO using much bigger needles. 6.5 mm vs 4.0 mm.


And it was glorious. Squishy. Like a marshmellow. Left, old and stiff. Right, new squishy goodness.


Oh my poor Knitters heart. A whole skein of perfection (if it was a sweater!) to rip back.

I figured what better time to rip back then when I could at least share the experience with people who would understand my grief frustration.

Put the tail in the winder…


Try not to cry…


…cry a bit


But, realize it is for the best. If that’s one thing knitting has taught me, is that you can fix your mistakes. Sure it can take a while, and be hard work and hurt…but you can fix ‘me if you really want to.


Plus, I had made a single mistake way back that I won’t have to reweave now, so yay! Hehe. Silver lining baby. Not to mention, I won’t have to buy a third skein to make it the length I had hoped it would be!

Of course, I’m also still working on my Lush, one more inch and I’m on the bottom ribbing! Hip hip hooray!!

Off to yarn along!


27 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- when good gauge goes bad

  1. ((hugs)) but I bet it was worth it for the squisheeness!
    You’ve just shown me a new trick I can do with my ball winder (not that I want to do frogging but I’m sure I will at some point…).

  2. A sign of an advanced knitter is one who is willing to rip out her work and you did that! I have been there countless of times and you know, it gets easier every single time. Love the color and the squish factor!!

  3. Oh man, I feel like crying for you!!! But how gorgeous are all your knitted things here, I’ve just been having a lovely look through your archives….hope you have a great week ahead! Mel πŸ™‚

  4. Aw I hate having to frog back, even when I know it’s worth it. It’s just so depressing when you see something that’s taken hours to knit be wound back into a ball in a matter of minutes 😦

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